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  1. Kristin

    I so agree with you! I have no desire to go back to freshman year of college. There were a few smaller choices I wish i could redo, but otherwise, I appreciate my college days, loved where I attended school, but don’t necessarily want to relive them or go back. I miss my friends, but I am glad I am a graduate.

  2. Fleur

    Congratulations on graduating! I know how it feels to graduate and now know which direction to take, you have high expectations on what your life should be afterwards but you feel stuck for not having an actual plan. My advise is to make small goals, if you have chores or errands make a list of them and cross them while you get them done. It will make you feel much more productive and motivated, even if its something small like picking up clothes at the dry cleaners, or framing that cool print you bought some time ago. Hope this helps!

  3. Nicole

    Congrats on completing college. I guess what you’re going through now is just a phase. Give yourself a few weeks and you’ll be just fine. Hope you get a job soon. X

    Have a lovely week!

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