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Kimono Loving

Kimono Loving

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  1. Kenzie Negron

    that kimono is beautiful! love the whole outfit!

    xx, kenz

  2. Courtney

    that kimono is super cute, looks amazing on you
    XO Color Me Courtney

  3. Natalie Heather

    I only just picked up my first kimono last month – I LOVE it! It took me a bit of time to get behind this trend, but I actually adore it now. I haven’t seen any this length, but this looks awesome. I’ll definitely keep my eyes out for longer styles…

  4. Michèle

    Oooh I love this long version of a kimono. Very cool

  5. Ana

    This is such a beautiful outfit! I love your Kimono 🙂

  6. Mary Tur

    Very romantic kimono)

  7. Annebeth Bels

    I also love kimonos, but I hardly ever seem to grab one when I leave the house. Must be remedied! 😀

  8. Gaby

    I love Kimonos! You look great! 🙂
    Have a nice start of the week!

    Come and visit my blog if you want!

  9. Ileana

    Im in love with kimonos! That one looks amazing 🙂


  10. Margaret Dallospedale

    So adorable kimono.
    You look adorable

  11. Elena

    What a a beautiful kimono :)))
    You look so great in it!


  12. Helen Chik

    Love a good throw-on jacket. So beautiful!

    Love for you to check out my latest posts!

    Helen xx

  13. May

    I love kimonos, and this one is absolutely stunning! I love the color palette you went with; so comfy and chic!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin’

  14. Hunter

    Kimonos are my favorite finishing touch to any outfit! And you’re so right, they totally are summer’s sweater.

    Always, Hunter

  15. Bethany

    Absolutely loving this look! Thanks for sharing!

    Kiss Me Darling

  16. Busola Coutts

    So true, kimonos are everywhere. You did such an amazing job putting your look together and the kimono is so cute.


  17. Jess

    I love a good kimono, they really are super versatile.

    Mimi & Chichi

  18. Tanya

    I love your style, really!You are so perfect!!!

  19. Natassia Crystal

    Such a fun and casual outfit with that kimono! 🙂

    You look pretty and happy! And so comfy! 🙂

    Geekette in High Heels

  20. Lizbeth

    Cute pairing. There are so many kimono styles and I like that you can match them to your style! I like this mix. It’s Urban, yet bohemian, and a mix of chic!

  21. Jenna

    I love this look. A little bit edgy. Totally agree with keeping jewelry simple!

    X, j

  22. Elements of Ellis

    I love kimonos too! I call them my summer jacket…so we basically have the same feelings about them 🙂 I’m wearing one today.

  23. Carrie

    lovely pics

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  24. Lorietta

    floral kimonos are definitely a must!:) lovely post!♥

  25. Inez

    Lovely kimono and just perfect with your acid wash denim dress.

  26. Camille Normandin

    Love the kimono, such a great piece!

    xx Camille

  27. Ania

    Wow! you look so cute <33 lovely kimono 😉

  28. otherplaceswithparks

    adorable kimono!


  29. Maddy

    love this kimono on you! the pattern is bold but the colors are more muted so it’s a perfect mix.

    xo, Maddy

  30. Leah

    That kimono is so pretty! I just love the print and the color!

    xx, Leah / Eat Pray Wear Love

  31. kileen

    for some reason i’ve always found kimonos tricky to style, but i love how you’re wearing it here! great look!

    cute & little

  32. Amber

    This kimono is so pretty, Liv! I love the bold print.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  33. Ashley

    loving that kimono! perfect for summer 😉

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style | A Dallas Fashion Blog

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