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Fashion Trends That Need To Go In 2017

Fashion Trends That Need To Go In 2017

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  1. Leah

    Hilarious! I completely agree with you on most of these. Good call!

    xx leah /

  2. Alicia

    Too funny! Serious eye-roll at some of these trends. And I’m with you on the peplum look. Maybe it’s because I’m petite with a “square-ish” build but peplum tops just do not look right on me. I have friends who pull them off nicely, but on me – yuk!

  3. Paola Angeli

    I’m definitely with you on the peplum! No no no

  4. Ania

    Lovely inspirations <33

  5. Izabela

    I have to say that I’m quite fond of peplum. The style really flatters my pear shaped body. However, I agree with you regarding the distressed denim. I think it looks horrible.

  6. Francesca Romana Capizzi

    Ugh I can’t stand fur on shoes!

  7. Alissa

    I am SO with you on the chokers! I HATE THEM! I do not understand why they were revived!

  8. March and May

    Oh I so wish that the furry shoes disappear too. And emoji clothing.


    I enjoyed your post. I agree, the extra long slits and the oversized chockers must goooo!
    x Nina

  10. chelsea

    Definitely agree with the first one but I do love some distressed jeans….. Just not so distressed that they are in four pieces!

    – Chelsea

  11. Kier

    I don’t hate the high slits but the fur slippers I’ll never understand!

    With love from Florida,
    Kier Mellour

  12. Blaire

    I will admit that the emoji themed clothing is over the top, and the slits are definitely not for me. Looking forward to new spring trends though!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  13. Josipa

    Great post! I enjoyed it!

  14. Lubka Henry

    This is a really cool list of trends. Let’s have a year full of adventures and lots of fashion 🙂

  15. Camille

    Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂 I agree, emoji clothing needs to vanish!

    Camille xo

  16. Laura

    Yes, yes, and yes! I completely agree. These trends need to go! (Well, maybe except gingham, I do like gingham once in a while)

  17. Nicky

    I couldn’t agree more with you !!!!!

  18. Nora

    Great post! I agree with all your choices except the Gingham which I like esepecially for spring and summer.

  19. Amy

    Haha, completely agree with a lot of this list and can’t wait to see what crazy trends 2017 brings!

    xx, Amy

  20. Amber

    I agree with so many of these items on your list! =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  21. Brooke

    Yes I pretty much agree with every single one of these! 😉

  22. Irene

    totally agree with all of them!

  23. Sia

    I’m so into these trends, wonderful post!

    -xx, Sia

  24. Flora Fallue

    I definitely need those fur slippers 😀
    Great collection!

    Love, Janine

  25. Jessica Hart

    omg the emoji clothing needs to go!

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

  26. Phyllis

    Definitely disagree with the emoji trend ! It needs to go !

  27. Jo Nguyen

    a nice read! I do agree with most of the points! High slits are overkill and the oversize chokers should go as they look like a dog collar!

    Jo x 🙂

  28. Monalisa Matache

    Love these looks. totally concur with a great deal of this rundown and can hardly wait to perceive what insane patterns 2017 brings!

  29. Faisal Zahoor Ahmad

    Nothing is better than a pair of distressed jeans because whenever I buy a new pair of jeans I always find one with a distressed . That’s a fashion to me. 🙂 I always wear it at parties..

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