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Beauty Trends That Need To Go In 2017

Beauty Trends That Need To Go In 2017

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  1. Lorna

    I agree with most, but I’m very into contouring. I only do my face, minimally, but it’s such a help! I also like the no make up make up look, if it’s done right. It’s dewy and fresh, but the rest of those trends, especially 100 layers, are ridiculous.

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  2. Michelle Orsi

    OMG the hundred layer challenges grossed me out. Bye bye to that fad definitely

  3. Paola Angeli

    I especially agree with the no makeup makeup look. I’ve always thought it was a bit silly haha. Completely with you on that one!

  4. LaTisha Springer

    The intense nail art always makes me laugh! Great post!!

  5. Tara

    Those nail looks are crazy!

  6. Yasmin

    I am so guilty of creating posts and videos about “No Makeup” Makeup looks! I really think it was Lisa Eldridge who made the No Makeup Makeup look go viral on Youtube, she is so talented! Make no mistake, it requires a lot of makeup and time blending for an effortless look!

    XO, Yasmin

  7. Monalisa Matache

    Love these looks. particularly concur with the no cosmetics look. I’ve generally thought it was somewhat senseless haha. Totally with you on that one!

  8. Jenny

    I like the no makeup makeup look. It feels like you are in your natural beauty but a beauty that shines.

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