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All About The Details

All About The Details

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  1. Liz

    LOVE that bag! So cute and such a great cause 🙂

  2. Emma Walker

    You are right that bag is so fun!

    Emma | With A City Dream

  3. Brittney

    I would have definitely stopped you on the street and asked about the bag. I always enjoy hearing stories behind some of the things that people buy, especially since some of my favorite pieces are very special to me in terms of how they came into my life. The gingham print was a nice graphic contrast to that bag!

    Beauty V. Brains | a fashion and beauty blog for smart girls who like stuff

  4. Larisa

    An adorable statement bag that supports female artists around the world? I am in love!


  5. Trang Do

    Nice outfit!! Love your bag!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Closet Fashionista

    That bag is so fun! And such a great story to go along with it too

  7. MyStylishCorner

    Amazing outfit dear,love the bag! 😀

  8. michelle

    This bag is the COOLEST! I love the fringe and detailing. Plus it looks super cool paired with your plaid dress!

  9. Jessica

    Such a fun bag and a great story behind it.

  10. Sierra

    Such a gorgeous and unique bag! Love the fringe and the embellishments! I would probably style it with a pretty simple color scheme, like you have, to keep the focus on the bag. Maybe a basic black tee and jeans. Or maybe a green dress to complement the embellishments.

    Sierra Elizabeth

  11. Elements of Ellis

    That bag is so fun! It really does jazz up the outfit!

  12. Hana

    You look amazing! The dress is so cute and I love the bag.


  13. Maggie

    Cute bag! And I love the gingham print 🙂

  14. Diana Mieczan

    That bag is so sassy! Love. xoxo

  15. Miranda

    I absolutely adore that bag! I love the colors and fringe, and I loved hearing the story behind it.

  16. Letitia

    Simple and comfortable! Inspiring designs.

  17. Jesse Keats

    These are such beautiful colors!
    looks good,,l hope l can have one

  18. Klaus

    Wonderful post.You look phenomenal!

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