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12 Ways To Mix Up Your Personal Style

12 Ways To Mix Up Your Personal Style

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  1. Jessica

    These are really lovely tips dear, and quite handy. I’m more of a girly girl style, and I’m actually thinking of trying unisex. Thanks for the tip!

    Jessica |

  2. Miri

    A mood board is more like me! This works the best!

  3. sophia

    Thank you for those useful tips <3

    xoxo, Sophia

  4. Rahul Raj

    Nice post… I like the all details and ideas!!
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  5. Ashleigh Jean Lopes

    This is such a cool post! I love having other people pick out pieces for me – I’ve discovered so many fun trends that way!

  6. Dolna

    Awesome selection, I actually adore all of your recommendations!! I kind of do all of them, except the mood board. Maybe I should give it a try 🙂

    Happy Holidays! x Dolna

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