Get Fringey With It

Have you ever had one of those moments when shopping when you picked up a pair of jeans, or a shirt, or a sweater, or a pair of shoes and felt like you hit the fashion jackpot? Well for me that “aha” moment happened back in December with a pair of jeans. Don’t ask why it took me this long to feature them on my blog, but I’ve been wearing them (and dancing in them) constantly due to the fringe detail and how unique, edgy, and cool they are. What to hear more about these jeans? Well then keep on reading.

These Blank NYC jeans were the best Christmas gift (even though I picked them out). I feel 1000 times cooler whenever I wear these jeans and I have to especially now that I work in Soho and it’s New York Fashion week and everywhere I turn there is a famous model or trendy fashion blogger. I love the black fringe mixed with the silver studs running up and down the sides. Also, on the weekends you will find me wearing these jeans in the middle of the dance floor, twirling around and around because of the fringe. Not sure if it’s me or the jeans that make the statement (LOL).

Keeping with the edgy style, I added my trusty faux leather moto jacket from Zara and a black tank top underneath also from Zara. This jacket and tank combo never lets me down and pairs nicely with the denim.

As for boots, one can’t go wrong with a simple pair of black booties. Mine are from Forever 21.

Time to play another round of the game, “what statement earrings are Liv wearing today?” Well to answer that question, I am wearing my very, very large triangular shape earrings from Forever 21.

I might need to wear this look again tomorrow (it’s becoming an obsession). Let me know in the comments below what items have you recently purchased that you feel are super unique and something that stands out in your wardrobe. Talk to you all soon!


  1. February 21, 2019 / 4:03 pm

    Those jeans are the absolute coolest! You definitely hit the jackpot with them! 🙂

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