DIY: Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

The Christmas season is in full force. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the holidays, but I often feel overwhelm that they come and go so quickly and I hardly decorated my apartment or took advantage of all the Christmasy things to do in the city. But, I’m thankful that I can check off a few things from my holiday bucket list, like ice skating in Bryant Park, and somewhat decorating my tiny apartment.

In my almost two years of living in a studio and prior to that a tiny college apartment, you have to get creative with your interior decorating skills.  I realize that I don’t have the space for a real sized Christmas tree, so a mini, fake tree and trinkets scattered around your apartment will have to do.

During my attempt to enhance my space during the holiday season, I always make the effort to get in touch with my crafty side and create a Christmas craft, especially something that I can display or give as a gift. This year, I felt extra crafty because I came up with three crafts (I will be showing you two DIYs today and the other one later this week).  

This first project involves cinnamon sticks, which I’m not sure about you but whenever I smell cinnamon I automatically think of Christmas. These cinnamon stick Christmas tree and reindeer ornaments are super easy to create and doesn’t take tons of time or supplies. These ornaments will look amazing hanging on your Christmas tree, a door knob, or just displayed on your window sill. Plus, they can easily be gifted to your family and friends or added on top of a present for an extra dose of cuteness.

So let’s get started. 



  • 3 cinnamon sticks 
  • 1 red jingle bell
  • 2 googly eyes 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • String 


Step 1: Find two larger and thicker sized cinnamon sticks and using your hot glue gun, glue them together making a V.

Step 2: Find a smaller, thinner cinnamon stick and place it on top of your V, about an inch or two from the top. Now, using your glue gun secure it on top.

Step 3: Let’s give our reindeer some eyes, so glue two goggly eyes on the V part of your reindeer.

Step 4: For the nose, take a red bell and glue it on the bottom of the V.

Step 5: Now to make sure you can hang your ornament, take whatever colored or patterned string you have (I just kept it simple with a neutral colored string). Next, make a loop and then glue the loop on the back of your reindeer 

And that’s it. It’s that easy. Now, Rudolph the Red Nose Cinnamon Stick Reindeer is ready to be displayed or gifted.

Christmas Tree: 


  • 4 cinnamon sticks 
  • Assortment of colorful buttons
  • Assortment of color sequins 
  • Some sort of tree topper 
  • Hot glue gun 
  • String


Step 1:  For the “branches” of your tree, find three cinnamon sticks of different sizes. Try to find one large, one medium, one small sized cinnamon stick. 

Step 2: For the “base” of your tree to find a large enough cinnamon stick to fit the three branches.

Step 3: Now, using your glue gun, glue the biggest stick on the bottom, the medium sized stick in the middle, and smaller stick on the top.

Step 4: Next, using your hot glue gun, have fun decorating with different colored and shaped buttons and/or sequins. This is the fun part, so really get creative with decorating your tree. There’s no right or wrong way. Some of my ornaments I stuck with a more traditional Christmas color scheme and others I added more bold colors.

Step 5: To top your tree, you can pretty much use anything, like cutting out a star from sparkly paper. In my case, my pack of pine cones came with little pieces of star anise, which worked perfectly glued on top of my tree.

Step 6: Lastly, to hang your ornament, just use any type of string and make a loop. Then, flip the tree over and glue the string on the back.

Ta da! Your Christmas tree ornament is ready to sparkle and shine on your tree, window sill, door knob, or wherever your heart desires.

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