If you were in hibernation this past week or living under a rock, let me give you a recap of one of the biggest events in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week. This year, New York Fashion week began on Thursday, September 10 and ended the following Thursday, September 17. Throughout the week, designers featured their Spring and Summer 2016 collections. I find it fascinating that autumn hasn’t even begun and we are already focused on spring and summer 2016. I wish I was able to post a recap everyday during Fashion Week, but being a full time college student, I had other duties to fulfill. So I decided to do one big recap about my favorite shows and designers. Who cares if it is one week late because the great shows certainly made an impact that will last for days, weeks, and months. Here are a few of my highlights from New York Fashion Week: 

Tommy Hilfiger:

Tommy Hilfiger never fails to impress. While reviewing his Spring/Summer 2016 collection, I was inspired to skip class, hop on a jet, and travel somewhere tropical. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. His island inspired line featured boho inspired printed dresses, crochet tops, bucket hats, bikinis, beach cover ups, and tassel necklaces. After seeing all the bright colors, the stripes, and that “Island Girl” graphic t-shirt, I am ready for a vacation.

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Victoria Beckham:

Goodbye to the usual floral print for the spring season because Victoria Beckham showcased a new print that will be hot for the upcoming spring and summer season. The surf print is fresh, unique and is perfect for the warm, sunny season. Her focal pieces, the above the ankle dresses with the detailed surfer graphic are just what you want to wear for any summer social gathering.

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Karen Walker:

The streets of Russia, well to be exact Star City, also known as the location for the Soviet’s space program, inspired the runway at Karen Walker’s show. Her line incorporated metallics, gold leather, zippers, and ribbed sweaters. My favorite pieces from her space inspired line included the shiny gold skirt and shorts. Metallics never go out of style and they certainly make a statement.

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Color, polka dots, crochet, fringe, and ruffles were the common themes at the Delpozo runway show. The over-sized, shapeless tops and dresses incorporated elaborate patterns and colorful details. Each piece had it’s own flare, keeping the audience engaged and inspired. I love the long dress with orange flower cutouts on top and gorgeous pink tulle on the bottom. It’s like a tutu for grown ups.

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Carolina Herrera:

I’m not a fan of pastels but you can’t think of spring and summer seasons without thinking of light hues. Carolina Herrera’s runway show featured numerous pastel colors, pleats, sheerness, and ruffles. I especially loved the long skirt and crop top combo; I really hope this look will be trending for this spring and summer. You couldn’t spot a printed piece on her runway, instead the catwalk was graced with lots of different materials, texture, and timeless color combos like soft pinks, black and white.

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Vera Wang:

I felt like Vera Wang’s new pieces were totally designed for me. I could easily find myself wearing these looks for a night out, especially for an extravagant party and not just the typical college house party. The feathers, sheer paneling, and plunging necklines scream glamorous, sexy, and of course fashionable. Some of my favorite looks include the sequin dress, feather pencil skirt, and glitzy crop top. Get in my closet NOW!

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Givenchy was the show to be at. The models were styled in elegant pieces, like camisoles, slip dresses, and tuxedo jackets; all made from delicate lace. You can’t go wrong with classic colors, including black, white, and champagne. When the models weren’t dressed in lacey numbers, many of them wore items that featured a subtle pop of feathers, beading, and studs. The new Givenchy line didn’t stop at just clothes, but the models were decorated from head to toe, with statement accessories and face decorations.

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If I were to become a celeb over night and be given the opportunity to walk the red carpet, I would want to be dressed in this designer. Marchesa’s collection featured elaborate gowns. Most of the dresses were sheer, but they showed just the right about of skin. I am obsessed with the beautiful sheer, raspberry colored dress. I love the body fitting shape and the tulle detailing on the bottom. I am also a huge fan of the ombre dyed full feather dress. It reminds me of cotton candy, but I swear in a good way.

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Jeremy Scott:

Jeremy Scott’s show was totally on the other side of the spectrum, including tons of colors and prints. Your eyes had lots to stare at every time a model walked the runway. My favorite prints included a television design, polka dots, and the scribble print. You can tell the designer had fun creating this line. Plus, it’s more fun to live life in color.

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Over the next couple of weeks, fashion week will continue to travel to London, Milan, and Paris, while I sit here living vicariously through the pictures and videos. Enjoyed my New York Fashion Week Recap? Want to see more? Let me know in the comments below if I should recap London, Milan, and/or Paris.


Trend Alert: Bright Colored Hair

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Coloring your hair is all the rage now. Bright colored hair is not just for punk rockers or circus clowns; instead women of all ages are experimenting with new color dyes for their hair. The bright colored hair trend is especially popular among celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, and Nicole Richie. Celebs are embracing beautiful shades of pink, blue, and purple. These beautiful hues are soft and fun and can make anyone look like a mythical unicorn or a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want to look like a mermaid, especially for the summer months?

Color looks great with every skin tone and hair type. Anyone can pull off bright colored hair. The trend is all about being confident and not afraid to flaunt some color.

After reading more about this trend, I noticed that blondes tend to rock more pink and lilac shades, where as brunettes favor blue and turquoise. If you’re ready to say yes to color, I recommend starting off modestly and dying a few strands of hair. The peekaboo streak of color is perfect for those who want to be trendy but have the option to hide the color for those days you aren’t feeling so colorful. A hair dresser can dye a piece of your hair that is easy to style or hide. Dip dyes are also super popular and involve dying the tips of your hair. The best part about dip dyes is that they can be easily removed with a simple trim. Finally, for those who don’t want to risk the health and beauty of their natural hair, try extensions. Extensions are the perfect way to test out color and achieve that mythic look. Don’t forget, to preserve your color by using a color-friendly shampoo that is sulfate free. This will prevent fading and longer lasting vibrant colors.

The real question is how do I feel about this trend? Am I ready to embrace a full head of color? To be honest I don’t think I’m up to sporting the full head of color look anytime soon, but I am open to dying a few strands to sample the look. Although I have only seen this trend on longer hairstyles, I’m tempted to give it a try with my pixie cut.

If I do throw care to the wind, I’ll probably go with a few strands of blue or turquoise. My biggest concern with this look would be how to coordinate this with outfits and accessories, not to mention worrying about how others feel about the look. But, then again with all the celebs embracing the trend maybe there’s a little room for adventure. It’s important to remember that fashion and beauty, whether it’s your clothes, makeup, or hair, is all about expressing yourself and taking risks

I may not be ready to take the step yet, but after writing this post and seeing so many interesting photos, I’m feeling pretty inspired. Who knows but maybe in my next post I’ll be sporting a few colorful streaks in my pixie cut.

How do you feel about this trend? Will you hop on the bandwagon or are you worried what other people might think? Join the discussion below and send me your comments. I’d love to know what you think!


Wishful Thinking: What I Would Wear To Coachella

Happy festival season everyone! Festival season is a timeCoachella Style #2 for many electric dance music (EDM), pop, rock, and country shows. Festivals like these happen around the world and are a time for music lovers to come together to experience good music and a full out good time. Since there are so many festivals, I am certain you will find one that celebrates the music you like best. Upcoming festivals include Coachella, Mysteryland, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorowland, Lollapalooza, and Electric Zoo.

In today’s post, I want to focus on one of the more popular music festivals, Coachella, which for most music lovers generally marks the kick-off of the music festival season.  The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, commonly referred to just as Coachella, is a yearly music and arts festival held in Indio, California.  This event features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip-hop, and EDM. It also features an array of art exhibitions. This year Coachella will be celebrated the weekends of April 10th and 17th .Coachella Style #1

This festival includes popular musical artists, as well as lesser-known groups. Notable artists appearing in the past include Amy Winehouse, Snoop Dog, The Killers, Madonna, Daft Punk, Kayne West, Jay Z, Eminem, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  This year’s festival will include performances by AC/DC, Drake, David Guetta and Florence and the Machine.  It’s no wonder why general admission tickets sold out in 20 minutes.

Coachella Style #4Coachella is not just about the music and art, but there’s also a good dose of fashion. Festival fashion is all about crop tops, concert tees, fringe, floral kimonos, high-waisted jean shorts, floral headbands, and a variety of flash tats.  When going to your favorite festival, don’t be afraid to step out of your style comfort zone and use your style as a way to express your creativity.

I put together a few style inspiration boards to show you what I would wear to Coachella if, that is I was actually able to scrounge tickets.  I had a lot of fun experimenting with different styles and colors.  I chose items that had a bohemian vibe, including warm colors, floral patterns, cream-colored tops and dresses, and fringe.  Of course, I had to add a few items with a smiley face design because this concert is all about feeling good and celebrating good vibes. When it comes to shoes, I chose shoes that were comfortable, yet stylish.  Combat boots, cowboy boots, and gladiator sandals are a must-have for any festival because you will be on your feet rocking and swaying all day.Coachella Style #3

If you’re not feeling the boho chic vibe, go for what I like to call the vintage concert style. This style includes concert tees from popular bands, like the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, and the Who. These graphic tees will look great paired with high-waisted distressed denim shorts.

As for accessories, don’t forget floppy hats and hippie style glasses to protect your face and eyes from the desert sun.  Accessorize your outfit with floral headbands, statement jewelry, and flash tats. The sky is the limit when it comes to dressing for Coachella.

         Oh how I wish I could be at Coachella this year, but sadly, I’m stuck on the East coast finishing up a busy Spring semester at school.  Luckily, I have access to plenty of photos and videos from Coachella. If any of my readers are going to Coachella, please share what you plan to wear and your experience at the festival.  And for those, like me, who won’t be at Coachella, let me know your ideal Coachella outfit.


The Trendiest of Trends: Spring 2015

It is officially spring and how I wish the weather could be warmer and sunnier. I have never been so happy to see grass. To be honest, I almost forgot what grass looked like after our long snowy winter. Now that it is spring, it is time to embrace the spring trends. One of my favorite things to do is visit my favorite clothing stores, view their products, and figure out what trends are popular this season. After countless visits to my favorite stores and many hours spent online shopping, I have come up with a list of the trendiest of trends for spring 2015. Take a look at what follows to see what I’m thinking. 

1. Fringe

Hands down, fringe is one of my favorite trends this season. Fringe resembles that boho chic style, of which I am a huge fan. I love how you can incorporate this trend into any part of your outfit. Think sweaters, kimonos, jackets, purses, and of course necklaces.

9614bf3b524974588383f8f61b61c94f2. 70s Vibe

When I think of 1970s fashion, I think bohemian and disco. For the bohemian style, I recommend investing in a pair of flared jeans. Style flared pants with a paisley patterned blouse, a suede jacket, and a floppy hat. Don’t be afraid to incorporate the fringe trend into your outfit because the 70s was all about the fringe look too. If you’d rather dress like you’re ready for the disco, platform shoes and psychedelic glasses are a must.


3. Joggers

I am all for being comfortable, yet stylish. Joggers are the perfect mix of comfort and style. Joggers look like sweatpants, but the elastic at the bottom, make them more fitted and sleek and making them socially acceptable to wear in public. A pair of solid grey or black joggers would look great with a simple white t-shirt for a casual outfit great for anywhere. A pair of patterned joggers is perfect for a dressier occasion or even the office.

6ee78d99d7fac86f3c31fab0e3c771e94. Fashion Sneakers

These sneakers are perfect to wear when you are done wearing your winter boots, but not ready to wear sandals and flip-flops. You can find these types of sneakers everywhere. They can be solid, patterned, affordable, or expensive and you will sure find a pair that fits your personal style. These shoes are great to slip on with a pair of leggings, jeans, or a dress; the possibilities are endless.


One of the great things about fashion is that it is always changing, so although these are some of the popular trends for this season, there are still so many more. Keep your eye out for more posts about popular trends, so this season we can be trendy and fashionable. Tell me about what you are seeing. I’d love to hear from you.


The Best And Worst Dressed At The Grammy’s 2015

My Sunday was full of studying because my statistic and psychology professor decided to schedule our first exam on the same day. To say I was stressed is an under statement. I had to spend the majority of my afternoon and night studying, which meant I couldn’t spend all night watching the 2015 Grammy’s. I always enjoy watching this award show, because it recognizes great talent in the music industry.

Since I couldn’t spend my Sunday night watching the Grammy’s, I decided to only watch the red carpet special. I deserved a 2-hour study break, right? It was well worth it because watching the stars walk down the red carpet is my favorite part of any awards show.

Once again, most of the stars strutted down the red carpet in bedazzled and embellished dresses. Just like with every major award shows, I have picked out the best and worst looks. So keep on reading to see who made my list. 

Best Dressed

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Gwen Stefani- Hands down, Gwen Stefani was my favorite look of the night. Her semi-sheer jumpsuit by Atelier Versace looked great on the red carpet. I love the fit of jumpsuit. The sheer design on top and the tailored bottoms created a perfect silhouette. I love how she paired her jumpsuit with bedazzled pumps and of course her pulled back hair and neutral makeup tied the whole look together. 

Jessie J- The color black was a popular color on the red carpet and Jessie J rocked this Ralph and Russo semi-sheered dress with beaded embellishments. The dress showed the right amount of skin and had the right amount of bling. I loved how dramatic this look was and how she chose to wear dark makeup and a dark lip. This look was very edgy, which is what I like to see, especially at an awards show. 

Katy Perry- After seeing Katy Perry’s lilac hair, I am so tempted to dye my hair a beautiful, lilac shade. Her purple do complimented her silver beaded fringe dress by Zuhair Mudrad. Perry’s dress was eye-catching. The color, the beads, the fringe, and the purple hair certainly made a statement at the Grammy’s. 

Lady Gaga- I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. Recently, she has been working with Tony Bennett, producing a whole new genre of music. Since Gaga has been working with Bennett she has been wearing more sophisticated outfits, which in my opinion is a great look for her. Although I do miss her crazy costumes, especially that meat dress she wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, I have enjoyed seeing Gaga’s style transformation. With that being said, I loved her Brandon Maxwell dress she wore to this year’s Grammy’s. The dress was elegant, but still incorporated a plunging neckline and high slits. I loved how Gaga accessorized with emerald colored jewelry and emerald colored makeup. 

Worst Dressed 

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Charli XCX- I respect Charli XCX for taking a risk, but I just don’t like the color of her Moschino suit. The pale pink color and bright pink bowtie just doesn’t do it for me. Instead, if the suit was more of a neutral color, I would have liked it better.

Taylor Swift- Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t entirely hate Taylor Swift’s dress, I just felt like it was too formal for the occasion. Her turquoise high-low dress by Elie Sab just looked too stiff. I loved the color of her dress, her earrings, shoes, and eye shadow, but for me it was way too much color all paired together. 

Kim Kardashian- Is it just me or did Kim Kardashian’s dress look like a bedazzled bath robe? Her dress designed by Jean Paul Gaultier had too much bling, making it a very distracting choice for the red carpet. 

Ariana Grande- Ariana Grande’s Versace gown confused me. What’s the point of that piece of silver fabric that just appears to be hanging on the dress? Although I liked the silver and white color combo, the hanging fabric just puzzled me.

Dare to be different

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Rihanna- I decided to add a new category to this post, a dare to be different category and that goes to Rihanna. Kudos to Rihanna for being different. Yes, her dress was crazy, but that is why I like it. She was not afraid to wear something out of the ordinary. Sure her dress looks like a loofah or an ad for Pepto Bismol, but it did a good job grabbing people’s attention, considering everyone can’t stop talking about it. Rihanna shows people that fashion is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself. I hope Rihanna has inspired other stars to take more risks on the red carpet.

That concludes my best and worst dressed celebs for the 2015 Grammy’s. I am looking forward writing a similar post for the Academy Awards, which airs on Sunday, February 22nd. Can’t wait to see which celebs dressed to impress.


The Best and Worst Dressed At The Golden Globes 2015

Happy awards season everyone! Tis’ the season for watching the Golden Globes, Grammy’s, and Academy Awards, just to name a few.

Last night I glued myself to the television to watch the Golden Globes, especially all the action on the red carpet. To be honest, I hardly knew any of the television shows or movies that were nominated; instead I was more interested in the fashion.

The most popular trend I saw last night was lots and lots of sparkle. Most dresses were neutral toned, including white, cream, and black, and then embellished with tons of sparkle and sequins.

While watching the Golden Globes, I was studying the celebs’ dresses and designers, so with that being said I have chosen my best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes.

Best Dressed

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Dakota Johnson- Dakota Johnson wore a beautiful silver, sparkly dress from Chanel’s fall 2014 couture line. Her metallic gown shined on the red carpet. I think the silver dress included the perfect balance of sparkle and fringe, as well as a slit that showed the right amount of leg.

Emma Stone- Who says you have to wear a dress to an award show? Emma Stone broke that rule by wearing a jumpsuit designed by Lanvin. Her top is covered in sequins and her pants are simple; however, in the back there is a big bow. The big bow is an unexpected detail. Her look was simple, but edgy. I give Emma Stone kudos for being different.

Siena Miller- This dress was anything but boring, especially with that plunging neckline. In my opinion, Siena Miller’s beaded Miu Miu gown was fresh and original. The jeweled detailing added an elegant touch.

Reese Witherspoon- Reese shimmered in a strapless, sparkly Calvin Klein gown. Her gown was glamorous, perfect for the fabulous evening. If I was invited to the Golden Globes, I would wear a dress similar to Reese Witherspoon.

Lorde- Lorde’s Narcisco Rodriquez suit and Neil Lane choker is the perfect way to make a bold statement at any awards show. Her midriff top added a feminine look to her menswear suit. Lorde impressed me with her daring choice to wear a suit. I believe that fashion is all about taking risks and Lorde certainly took a risk with her suit.

Worst Dressed

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Keira Knightly- She should have stopped at the butterflies. There was no need to add the lace collar or lace trim. Her Chanel dress included a butterfly design and lace detailing. Without the lace, she would have been on the decently dressed list rather than the worst dressed list.

Kerry Washington- I have never been a big fan of the color-blocking trend, especially when pairing two opposite colors together. Her dress, designed by British designer Mary Karantzou, featured metallic colors, which in my opinion clashed.

Tina Fey- Tina Fey was a great co-host, but her dress was a miss. Her dress, designed by Antonio Berardi, did not flatter her body. I feel the puffy bottom made her look like a marshmallow, not a celebrity.

Lana Del Ray– Is that Little Mermaid on the red carpet? Her Travilla dress made her a look like a mermaid, and not in a good way. I believe the pleats and aqua color did not suit the red carpet.


That’s a wrap. Again, the Golden Globes never failed to impress. The next big award show is the Grammy’s, which airs on Sunday, February 8th. You better believe that I will be ranking the best and worst dressed for the Grammy’s. The celebrities better bring their A-game.