Thank You, New York City

This post was inspired by my one year anniversary of making New York City my home. Countless number of people tell me that it takes a lot of courage and guts to live in the city and I never knew what they were talking about until I sat down and reflected on my year’s journey.  I have learned a lot, grown up a lot, experienced a lot, all in the city that never sleeps.

I could write a novel on all that I have discovered, but decided to keep the list below somewhat short, but still highlight, the most important lessons.  So, New York City thank you for the countless lessons you have taught me in this short year.

  • You will learn that no matter how packed a subway car is, there is still room for one more person. 
  • You will be asked a million of questions from tourists about directions, but then take it as a compliment because they must think you look like a real New Yorker. 
  • You will appreciate the fruit stand on the corner of your street, selling a box of strawberries for $1. 
  • You will find out that one cocktail can cost you $16 depending on where you go. 
  • You will discover that it’s encouraged to eat dinner alone at your favorite restaurant with a glass of red wine and your favorite book. 
  • You will understand why people go grocery shopping a couple times a week because who can carry all those groceries back to your apartment or who wants to experience the not so fun moment when your heavy grocery bag rips on your walk back. 
  • You will realize that getting your 10,000 steps a day in the city isn’t hard.  
  • You will admire everyone’s fashion and then feel like your style is garbage.  
  • You will lose your subway card. After all it’s a little piece of paper that can easily be misplaced.  I have lost two already. 
  • You will feel a great rage towards slow walkers or people who don’t look up from their phones when walking. 
  • You will learn that NYC drivers are crazy and will run you over. 
  • You will discover that the two best times of the year in the city is Christmas time and the summer. 
  • You will feel overwhelmed with all the things to do in the city, and then feel guilty when you sleep the day away. 
  • You will notice that bars and clubs seem to never close and wish you had that energy to stay out all night. 
  • You will find yourself even on bad days smiling at the talented performers who enter your subway car and provide a little entertainment. 
  • You will see that any day in winter that is above 40 degrees and everyone will be outside. 
  • You will experience the intense heat underground while waiting for the subway on a 100 degree summer day. 
  • You will see countless of cute doggies and wonder why you don’t have a dog. 
  • You will learn that the bodega on the corner will see you at your best and worst. 
  • You will understand that there’s no deeper rage you will feel than when the subway driver sees you running for the subway but closes the doors on you and drives away. 
  • You will want to avoid Times Square at all cost. 
  • You will make friends with people of all ages and backgrounds 
  • You will realize when you go back to visit the suburbs you will find the darkness and silence scary. 
  • You will learn that anything under 30 mins walking distance doesn’t require a subway or taxi. 
  • Every day you will find a new street, new area, new store, new restaurant, and new everything that excites you. 
  • Every day you will thank your blessings for making the city that people travel all over the world to visit your home 
  • Every day you will thank New York for all the new people and experiences you encounter all as a result of your new living arrangement. 

Slithering Into The Weekend

Happy Friday! Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. Anyways, as you can tell by what feels like all my style posts, animal print never fails to disappoint me.  Whenever I’m wearing cheetah, snake skin, zebra print, just to name a few , I instantly feel more fashionable and chic. 

I have had my eye on a blazer like the one I’m wearing in today’s post for ages, to be specific since I saw a lady wearing a similar blazer on the subway one day and I knew I needed to have one. So keep on reading to see how I wear this stylish blazer and a few of my other favorite pieces. 

I scored this reptile/snake print blazer during the Zara sale a few months ago.  I could not pass up on the beautiful neutral colors, and the price tag.  I also love how it has a padded shoulder detail, because from the red carpet at several award shows and the runways at several fashion weeks, padded shoulders are trending.  Plus, this blazer can be worn with pretty much anything and everything, jeans, dresses, or a skirt. 

My denim skirt is by the brand Kensie, which I found at Lord and Taylor. I love the length of the skirt, because it’s office appropriate and perfect for a night out.  Also the cross tie detail in the middle, gives the skirt the right amount of edge. 

For the rest of the look, I’m just wearing some basics like my Zara black tank top and a pair of sheer tights I got from CVS, so fashionable, right? 

For shoes, I could have just went with my basic black booties, but to add some shine to my outfit, I’m wearing my metallic, lace up boots from the brand Diba, purchased from DSW. 

I’m shocked I’m not wearing a pair of large earrings.  Instead, switching gears from statement earrings to a statement necklace with this layered silver necklace with so many details, you just have to zoom in to see for yourself. 

I’m loving all things animal print as you can tell, but I’m not the only one.  Every store window I pass is filled with their own take on this print.  I have a feeling you will be seeing another animal print outfit from me real soon. 


Get Fringey With It

Have you ever had one of those moments when shopping when you picked up a pair of jeans, or a shirt, or a sweater, or a pair of shoes and felt like you hit the fashion jackpot? Well for me that “aha” moment happened back in December with a pair of jeans. Don’t ask why it took me this long to feature them on my blog, but I’ve been wearing them (and dancing in them) constantly due to the fringe detail and how unique, edgy, and cool they are. What to hear more about these jeans? Well then keep on reading.

These Blank NYC jeans were the best Christmas gift (even though I picked them out). I feel 1000 times cooler whenever I wear these jeans and I have to especially now that I work in Soho and it’s New York Fashion week and everywhere I turn there is a famous model or trendy fashion blogger. I love the black fringe mixed with the silver studs running up and down the sides. Also, on the weekends you will find me wearing these jeans in the middle of the dance floor, twirling around and around because of the fringe. Not sure if it’s me or the jeans that make the statement (LOL).

Keeping with the edgy style, I added my trusty faux leather moto jacket from Zara and a black tank top underneath also from Zara. This jacket and tank combo never lets me down and pairs nicely with the denim.

As for boots, one can’t go wrong with a simple pair of black booties. Mine are from Forever 21.

Time to play another round of the game, “what statement earrings are Liv wearing today?” Well to answer that question, I am wearing my very, very large triangular shape earrings from Forever 21.

I might need to wear this look again tomorrow (it’s becoming an obsession). Let me know in the comments below what items have you recently purchased that you feel are super unique and something that stands out in your wardrobe. Talk to you all soon!


Loving Leopard

Chattering teeth, runny nose, rosy cheeks, numb fingers, and wind blown hair, is the norm for me while trying to take photos outside during the winter months.  Sure, most of my photos (well at least I hope) look somewhat decent, but taking photos in the frigid temperatures is anything but glamorous.  In between takes you will find me bundled up in a heavy coat and googling the nearest cafe where I can just warm up for a bit before bearing the cold again.  I could just be smart and wear my winter coat while taking photos but how lame would that be if all my blog posts in the winter just featured the same coat covering up my outfit?  Luckily, in today’s post I was able to explore Brooklyn and the beautiful scenery as well as wear some of my most recent purchases from the Zara sale to keep my (very cold) spirits high.

Just like every Zara sale in the past, I went a little more crazy this time around. I can’t help it especially when I live right across the street from one.  Anyway, as you know, my favorite print aside from floral is leopard print, so of course I had to add this sparkly leopard maxi skirt to my collection.  I love how this skirt has the ability to be less dressy by adding the right accessories, like this graphic oversized sweatshirt also from Zara.  What’s best about this top is that if you look closer it has a meaningful message (“dream fearlessly”) and a pop of animal print, which is always a plus. 

But back to the skirt, I can’t tell you how much I have been wearing this skirt either with that sweatshirt or with of course a leather jacket for a more edgy look or a jean jacket for an even more casual look. 

For the bottom half of my outfit, I added a pair of sheer tights under my skirt and these heeled black booties from Forever 21. 

No shocker here, but I’m still obsessing over the statement earring trend, so I’m wearing these gold dangling earrings that feature these beautiful star and moon charms from the brand Design Lab sold at Lord and Taylor’s.

Well, there you have it folks, another style post where, if you zoom into some of the photos, you will find me attempting to conceal my anger towards the winter season. If any fellow bloggers are reading this, let me know in the comments below what are your tips and tricks for shooting in the colder months.  Until then, here’s to other arctic blast hitting us soon and more attempted photoshoots in the winter weather. 


2018 Reflections + 2019 Resolutions

I thought my previous style post (if you missed it, here’s the link) would be my last post for 2018, but I was wrong. This reflections and resolutions write up all started when I was creating Instagram stories with my favorite photos and memories of 2018. I soon realized that I had way too much to reflect on in just an Instagram story.  Although, my favorite type of posts to read and create are usually style posts, I genuinely enjoy writing these serious kind of blogs, because it gives me a chance to process my thoughts and express them in written words.

Since, 2018 was a remarkable year (moved to New York City,  met my boyfriend, played a major role in my sister’s wedding, and so on) I also think it’s essential to set some goals for the new year, so it can be an even better year than the year before, so here are my 2018 reflections and 2019 resolutions.


Started the year by upgrading my usual brassy, blonde hair color to a more icy, platinum color. From this point on, this edgy style became my hair look of choice throughout 2018 and now into 2019. ??‍♀️

This also was the month that commenced by intense process of trying to move into New York City. As much as I loved being at home, I realized that it was time to abandon that hour and half commute to work each day and begin living out my dream in New York City. ?


Yet another year spending Valentine’s Day alone, but was different this year is that I fully accepted that it was ok to be single and instead take the time to enjoy life, better myself, and be patient with finding that person. This month, I finally learned that those failed relationships in the past allowed me to understand what I wanted and deserved. Little did I know that two months later I would meet a pretty cool guy. ?

Even though, February was a positive month, I did find some days I was super motivated to continue my NYC apartment hunt and other days felt hopeless like this move was never going to happen. ?


March was my most pivotal month of 2018 because I finally made my dream of moving to NYC a reality.  ?? It wasn’t easy and I’m still face with challenges, but living in the city for almost a year now, I continue to fall in love with NYC each and everyday.

And there was no better way to start this new chapter in my life then with a boozy brunch on St. Patrick’s Day with Lauren (a NYC blogger over at LifeStylesByLauren), which deepened our friendship and blogging support system. ?☘️


Now being in the city for a month and loving every part of it, I decided to get on those dating apps to meet some new people in hopes of sparking some sort of romantic relationship. ? After a few dates, I began to feel frustrated, until I met this handsome, intelligent, sarcastic, funny boy named Greg.  And the dating apps were no longer needed. ❤️


My birthday month. ? Although, it was my first birthday not being at home, my family, friends, and of course Griffin made my 23rd birthday a special one. 

But, really the proudest thing that happened this month was witnessing my older sister deliver her dissertation and graduate with her doctorate degree. ??‍?


It was my first summer in NYC which consisted of lots of strolls in Central Park and visits back home to CT to hang by the pool with the fam.  On a more fashion related note, this month the weather was finally heating up, so I discovered my love for jumpsuits and my wardrobe from this month out was filled with my latest jumpsuit finds. ?


Usually all summers seem to fly by, but summer 2018 came and went in a blink of an eye. I guess because it was my first real working summer, so when the weekends came they just went by too quickly.  ? Plus, each weekend was packed with fun adventures, like trips to the lake with Greg and his friends, where I learned how to waterski, but obviously I enjoyed basking in the sun on the boat better. 

I also went to Coney Island for the first time, which has been something that has always been on my bucket list.

On top of all that I was being the best maid of honor ever and showering the bride to be (my sister) for her upcoming wedding in September. ??


August was another jam-packed month. Greg took me to two Yankee games (within a week of each other) and I got to experience his love for baseball and a good old stadium hot dog. ?

I also threw my sister one heck of a bachelorette party with all her friends in Rhode Island. It was a boozy weekend to say the least. ?


My sister’s wedding month! Finally, after a two year engagement and knowing her now husband for almost 10 years that they started their new life together as husband and wife. Although, all throughout this engagement I couldn’t wait for this wedding to be over, I was also sad that my maid of honor duties would come to an end. Their wedding day was the most beautiful day, filled with so much happiness and love. ?

After the wedding festivities were over, two weeks later I attended my first Renaissance Faire with Greg, which is something I would have never done before, but it was a blast. ??


Compared to the months before, October was a quieter month (thank gosh). I actually had time to just spend most of my weekends in the city and experience my first fall in New York. I spent most of this month in Central Park admiring the changing leaves and all the colors of autumn. ? 

Of course, what’s the month of October without Halloween? I celebrated Halloween with Greg and I dressed up as a flapper and he dressed as a 1920’s gangster. From what I remember from that night, it was a blast (LOL). ?


November began the unofficial start of the holiday season in NYC. It was so lovely seeing all the holiday markets pop up around Manhattan. ? I even decorated my apartment for Christmas a little early.

Since, I haven’t visited my real home back in CT since the wedding in September, I was looking forward to spending Thanksgiving week and weekend at home with the family and pup. I also attended my 5 year high school reunion, which was something I was debating whether or not to go. Although, I was fearful that I would be flooded with all the bad memories and feelings from high school, I ended up attending my reunion with my head held high and showing my former classmates how far I’ve come and all what I accomplished in those 5 years. ??


I blinked and December was over, which is probably due to the fact I spent two weeks of the month in London. ?? I can’t express how thankful I was for my company to fly us all out to London for our extravagant holiday party. This was my second time in London and I fell in love with the city more than last time. 

Also, it was so magical to be in London during the Christmas season because the British love Christmas. ?? The whole city, all the pubs, and all the stores were decked out for the holidays, which just put me into the Christmas spirit.

Although, London is beautiful, NYC will always have my heart, so I was happy to return back to the city for one more week before heading back to CT for the Christmas week.  Now, back in NYC, I’m excited to end the year, just like how I somewhat started the year…loving life in the city that never sleeps. ?

Although, this post is getting quite lengthy, I wanted to set some goals for the new year, so next year this time (like what I did today) I can look back on 2019 and be proud of what I accomplished. Even though, I did come up with a list of new year resolutions, it’s a work in progress and have a feeling I’ll be adding to this list throughout 2019. 

  1. Stay inspired, stay consistent – this one is more for my blog. I want to keep up with my blog this year more so than in previous years, as well as stay motivated to always be brainstorming new ideas. 
  2. Stop criticizing myself – for this one it applies to my blog and my life in general. For my blog, I have to stop comparing myself to others and feeling like I’m never going to be as good as other bloggers. I have to understand that I have a full time job besides my blog, so how much content I produce and the quality of that content will reflect that. 
  3. Step out of my comfort zone – I somewhat accomplished this in 2018, but will continue to do so in 2019. I want to continue to try new things, whether that’s experiences or food and most importantly not being afraid. 
  4. Explore and travel – ever since London, I caught the travel bug. It’s frustrating that traveling can be expensive, but it’ll be so worth it to experiences new places and culture. But, I can’t forget that I live in the most amazing city in the world, so when I don’t have the time or money to travel across continents,  it would be fun to continue to play tourist in my city and explore new neighborhoods. 
  5. Don’t bottle things up – this has been a goal of mine for years and some days I’m better at it than others. I find myself bottling up my feelings and opinions because I fear what other people will think or react. Instead, when I feel something is bothering me, I don’t want to keep it to myself but speak up and solve the issue. 

Wow! My brain hurts from all this reflecting. 2018 was a great year and I know 2019 will be even better if I strive to stick to my resolutions. Now, it’s time to celebrate the end of the year and the chance to start fresh. I hope everyone had a great 2018 and learned from it to better yourself in 2019. Most importantly, I can’t express how grateful I am for all the support from my family and friends, and of course all the encouragement my followers give me on my blog and Instagram. Cheers to 2019! 


Razzle Dazzle

If there’s any night to dress to impress, it’s New Year’s Eve, because there’s no better way to ring in a new year than wearing your best party outfit. 

My New Year’s Eve plans are quite different this year by just going to a house party instead of some NYC club, like I did last year, but I still might wear this metallic jumpsuit because I love it so much.  Plus, there are worse things in life than being the most overdressed party guest.

But, have no fear, if I don’t decide to wear this number on Monday night, I already got great use out of it when I was in London for my company’s extravagant holiday party. You should have heard all of  the compliments I received on this shiny, metallic jumpsuit. 

So, keep on scrolling for a little New Year’s Eve fashion inspiration, as well as an outfit idea for those days and nights beside New Year’s Eve when you want to be extra glamorous. 

Naturally, before my two week adventure in London, I did some shopping, and stumbled across the store Francesca’s, which is my favorite boutique for trendy jewelry and fun accessories. While browsing the store, I was impressed with the selection of party outfits for the holiday season. Immediately, my eyes were drawn to this jumpsuit, not only because we all know my love for jumpsuits, but also because of the shiny, metallic color.  I knew this piece would be a big hit for my holiday party and New Year’s Eve.

Since, my jumpsuit is sleeveless and unfortunately during this time of year you can’t get away without some sort of outer layer, I chose to wear this jumpsuit with a black, fringe shawl. I believe this shawl is from Lord and Taylor’s, but it’s my mom’s so I’ll have to ask her exactly where she got it. But for my holiday party, I paired this jumpsuit with a leather jacket, which looked just as nice. To be honest, I should have worn my leather jacket for this photoshoot because not sure if you can tell through my smiles, but I was freezing my butt off.

For accessories, I kept it pretty simple (well if you count those silver dangling statement earrings from Express simple) because this shimmery jumpsuit is obviously the center of attention.  As for my necklace, shoutout to my boyfriend for gifting me this beautiful silver delicate necklace. And then for my silver bangle shoutout to my mom for letting me wear it for this post, I’ll have to double check where the bracelet is from. 

Not only did my company fly us all out to London for its holiday party, but they also gifted me this stylish, snake skin like heeled booties. I believe they are from ASOS or some sort of London boutique I need to know the name of because I want to buy everything from that store. 

Well, that wraps up another style post, specifically my last style post of 2018. I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve, no matter what your plans may be. And here’s to another stylish and awesome 2019. Talk to you all next year. 


Holiday Glam

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to trade the autumn decorations for all things Christmas and fully embrace the Christmas season (which I’m sure many of you have already done well before Thanksgiving).  This is my first holiday season living in New York City and the city sure knows how to celebrate.  This time of the year is so magical with the streets filled with Christmas lights, the restaurants all decorated, and on every street corner you can find Christmas trees being sold.  Although, a full sized Christmas tree wouldn’t fit in my tiny studio apartment, I still improvised and got my space ready for Christmas.  Every aspect of my life is decked out for the holidays so of course my outfits have to be too, which is the main focus of today’s post.  Keep on scrolling to read all about my holiday glam style.

I’ve always wanted a plaid skirt but going to private school all my life and having to wear a uniform everyday consisting of a plaid skirt has really negatively impacted my thoughts on this print.  But this season, I was determined to get over my disdain for plaid and thanks to this beautiful skirt from Zara I did.  This plaid skirt is nothing like all the uniform skirts I’ve worn throughout the years.  Instead, it features a pretty, winter themed color palette and this asymmetrical ruffle detail.

No way did my school uniform ever consist of a leather jacket, a silver jacket to be precise, so this piece totally made me feel like I wasn’t wearing a school uniform but an edgy, glam look.  This metallic jacket from Forever 21 has been getting tons of use throughout the years because it certainly spices up any look.

To make this look cold weather appropriate I’m just wearing a pair of classic black tights, but for shoes I went all out by wearing black stilettos.  The holiday time calls for some glam and it’s fun to ditch your usual black booties for a pair of heels.  I’m pleasantly surprised how comfortable these shoes are and how stylish they can be, especially with the silver accents.  I can’t believe I found these heels at Payless for an incredible price.

So for jewelry, I’m wearing my statement earrings from H&M.  Can you believe I got these chic face earrings in the Halloween section?  Nothing spooky about these cool earrings.  Also, since I shot my Thanksgiving outfit (see here) the same day I shot this outfit, I  forgot to take off my choker.  It works with this look but I probably wouldn’t wear it again with this outfit, but oh well.

Although, it took me all this time to start wearing plaid again, I personally feel there is no better pattern for the holidays than plaid.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and all the lovely things that come with it.  Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite things to do and wear during this time of year.

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) (similar) | Skirt: Zara (similar) (similar) | Heels: PaylessEarrings: H&M (similar


Be Thankful

Can someone please explain to me how it’s already Thanksgiving? I swear it was July yesterday.  I can’t believe another holiday season has begun.  Although, I am not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving food, I love what the holiday symbolizes, the start of the countdown to Christmas and most importantly giving thanks for all the wonderful people and things in your life.  This year, like in every year past I will be heading back home from the city to Connecticut and celebrate at my aunt’s house surrounded by my family and lots of wine to get through all the family time (LOL).  Thank gosh, this year is the first holiday season where I actually have a boyfriend, so those annoying questions about why I’m still single will not take place.  Anyway, I wanted to use today’s post to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, as well as show another fall inspired look, I most likely will be wearing on turkey day. 

This kimono from Zara has been worn over and over during the summer months and now is easily being transitioned into my fall and winter wardrobe.  I love the beautiful embroidery and the deep red, yellow, and green colors is the perfect color palette for Thanksgiving Day.  Plus, the fringe totally creates a boho vibe.  With a kimono like this, all you need to wear is some sort of basic tank top underneath, so of course I’m just wearing my favorite black tank from Zara.

For the longest time, I’ve always wanted a tan colored suede skirt in my closet, so I’m really pleased with one of my recent finds at Old Navy. This suede skirt is a fall and winter staple because with a pair of tights and pretty much any type of blouse or sweater, you have a stylish outfit.  I think that my kimono really pops against the color of my skirt. 

My shoes were totally an impulse buy 2 weeks ago, but to be honest most of my fashion purchases are impulse buys, but I’m loving these black heeled boots from H&M. They are so versatile, so be prepared to see them in tons of upcoming style posts. 

Finally, I had to finish off my look with this black choker with hints of gold sparkle. And now my outfit is complete. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Let me know in the comments below how you celebrate the day and what will be your go to Thanksgiving outfit. Talk soon!

Kimono: Zara (similar) | Skirt: Old Navy | Boots: H&M | Necklace: H&M (similar) 


So Fall

I have a love / hate relationship with fall.  I love the season for its fashion but hate the season knowing that winter is right around the corner.  I’m trying not to think about the long, cold, and snowy days ahead but embracing the jeans, chunky sweaters, and boots before I have to cover up my outfits with a bulky winter coat.  So keep on reading to see today’s look, which is what I like to call my so fall look because it features all of the fall fashion essentials and the beautiful colors of fall.

This sweater was a total impulse buy.  I was walking back to my apartment from Grand Central after a weekend back home in Connecticut and I stumbled across this pop up store called Mulberry & Grand.  After a quick glimpse of the store front window, I knew I couldn’t just walk by, I had to stop in (even though my bank account said otherwise). I was completely blown away with Mulberry & Grand’s collection of jewelry, clothing, and accessories.  I’m so proud of myself for only walking away with one sweater (the sweater I am wearing in today’s post) and a pair of earrings.  No sweater could perfectly embody the season of fall than this sweater with it’s beautiful burnt orange/rust color with subtle gold sparkles and all the fringe on the bottom and sleeves.  I love the fit and the feel of this item, no wonder why lately I find myself choosing this sweater over my other sweaters hanging in my closet.  So, if you’re in the New York City area, I highly suggest checking out Mulberry & Grand.

As for jeans, I have been completely blown away with Old Navy’s selection of denim. From skinny jeans, to flared, to boot leg, to jeggings, and so on, Old Navy is offering tons of denim in all different fits and colors.  Today, I decided on the classic, high rise, medium washed distressed skinny jeans and if I do say so myself, I believe this style is super flattering.

Lately, I been having a super tough time deciding on what necklaces I want to wear, so my solution is why choose one when you can wear two?  I’m loving the layered necklace trend and these two gold, geometric long necklaces from the Etsy shop LauraB Elements go with each other perfectly.  I love the two different shades of gold against my orange sweater.  With that being said, head over to Laura’s shop for the best selection of hand crafted jewelry, featuring beautiful metal finishes.

Continuing with jewelry, I’m also loving statement earrings. For this outfit, I turned in my usual, dainty studs for a pair of gold hoop earrings from H&M.

Then for shoes, I am just wearing my brown heeled booties from Payless.  I’m looking to expand my brown bootie collection, so any suggestions let me know, but for now these shoes do the trick.

Let’s hope fall stays in the air a little bit longer before the nasty winter weather hits. Keep the discussion going in the comments below by telling me what is your favorite season when it comes to weather and fashion. Talk to you all soon!




Fall TV Series Favorite: Charmed

Happy almost Halloween! What better way to celebrate the spooky season than with a new television show.  Before, I talk about this new exciting reboot, I just want to mention that I am not a television watcher.  I have never been addicted to any show before, so when I invest my time in a show, it must be good.

Anyways, I have never been a Halloween fan, but I do like the spooky season leading up to Halloween.  I enjoy (in moderation) the gloomy days and the crisp, windy weather, so there is no better time than to spend a night in bed with the lights off and a mysterious, thrilling show.  Cue the trailer of Charmed, a new series premiering tomorrow, October 14th at 9/8c on The CW.

This show is unlike any show I have ever watched, because I am not the biggest fan of shows or movies that focus on the supernatural.  Instead, I always seem to gravitate towards relatable shows, whether that means I can connect with the plot, characters, themes, location, and so on.  So, when it comes to Charmed, I cannot relate to being a witch or having super powers, but what I can associate with is the power of sisterhood.  I cannot imagine how stressful it must have been when the three sisters, Macy, Mel, and Maggie discovered their magical powers, but sticking together as sisters they accept their powers and support one another.

I know that me and my older sister’s relationship is similar to the three girls in Charmed, because if me and my sister found out we had magical powers (if that was the case I hope I had the ability to hear people’s thoughts) we would be the loving and strong sisters we are and handle it just like Macy, Mel, and Maggie.  After all, there is no better bond than a sister’s bond because sisters will always be stronger together.

After watching the Charmed trailer and behind the scenes videos countless of times (check them all out here) I am still unsure how the storyline is going to play out. The uncertainty behind the plot and characters is what interests me and will keep me tuning in every week.  Also, cannot forget to mention how bad ass Macy, Mel, and Maggie are…like talk about girl power. I could not think of a better way to cure my Sunday scaries every week, so every Sunday get the popcorn popping, the wine flowing, relax, and get invested in Charmed.

This post is sponsored by Charmed and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LivForStyle possible!

Game Day Deviled Eggs Recipe ft. Frank’s RedHot

Let’s go Giants, Jets, Patriots, Cowboys, Vikings, Steelers?  As you can tell, football is not my sport. However, you put me in front of the television at a bar or with a group of my friends, sipping on a cold cider and eating delicious food and I will root for any team.  To be honest, I can watch hours and hours of football and still be confused by all the plays and rules.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch it, especially with a group of football loving friends who get so into the game and then there is me pretending to cheer for whoever and stuffing my face with game day snacks.  So today’s blog post might not be about my insights on this year’s football season, however, this post includes a delicious game day recipe featuring the best hot sauce in the world…Frank’s RedHot. 

Although, my university didn’t have a football team, so tailgating was not a huge thing.  However,  Sunday’s were always dedicated to football, so in college and now today, I do find myself going over my friends’ apartments to watch the big game and of course you can’t go over empty handed.   So when it comes to my favorite game day snacks, cheap, simple, yet tasty is the goal, which is why classic deviled eggs with a spicy spin is the perfect dish. 

Ordinary deviled eggs can be boring which is why my not so secret ingredient is Frank’s RedHot sauce because adding the perfect amount of spice to your food makes any dish better and more interesting. Plus, no game day party is complete without Frank’s RedHot sauce, the #1 brand of hot sauce in America.

Ingredients – Makes 12 deviled eggs

6 large hard boiled eggs 

2 to 2 1/2 tablespoons of mayonnaise

2 teaspoons yellow mustard



Dill for garnishing

Frank’s RedHot sauce for garnishing


Step 1: Hard boiled eggs

  • You can easily wait for a pot of water to boil and your eggs to cook, but my favorite hack that saves tons of time is buying eggs that are already hard boiled like the Eggland’s Best Hard Cooked, Already Peeled Eggs.  This package of already cooked eggs saves cooking and peeling time and really no clean up necessary. 

Step 2:  The filling

  • After you cut your hard boiled eggs in half, now it’s time to scoop out the yolk and place the yolks in a mixing bowl and mash them together.

  • When it comes to the filling it’s super simple.  I add a generous amount of mayo and a dollop of yellow mustard, salt, and pepper (exact measurements will be on the bottom).  The mayo makes the filling super creamy and the mustard gives it a little tang.  However, if your mixture isn’t creamy or smooth enough feel free to add more mayo. 

Step 3: Filling the eggs

  • Depending on your time and patience level you can either scoop your filling into a plastic bag, squeeze the filling into the corner, and then snip of the corner and pipe the filling or if that is too tricky you can simply spoon out the mixture using a small spoon.  I attempted the pipping trick, although it’s not super neat, but at least they are delicious. 

Step 4: Garnish

  • My favorite part…the garnish.  Feel free to add whatever you want to turn your deviled eggs from simple into not so simple.  My favorite garnishes to add is a little bit of dill and a whole lot of Frank’s RedHot sauce, which is made from 5 real ingredients and the perfect balance of flavor and heat.  I promise that the added touch of spice will make your deviled eggs the talk of the party. 


There you have it, LivForStyle’s take on tailgating and football season.  I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do because let’s face it life is more fun when you are surrounded by good company, good food, and the perfect amount of spice.  I am always looking to add to my game day recipe ideas, so let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite recipes.  Lastly, no matter if it’s game day, breakfast, lunch, or dinner time, when it comes to Frank’s RedHot…I Put that SPLAT On Everything®. 

This post is sponsored by Frank’s RedHot and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LivForStyle possible!

Kimono Krazy

Here on my blog, I have talked about being guilty of having multiples of similar clothing items in my closet.  For me those pieces consist of all things camo print, countless number of denim jackets, and more recently kimonos.  I’m currently looking at my wardrobe and nothing is more satisfying than seeing all my beautiful kimonos lined up perfectly next to each other.  Each one of my kimonos are from different stores, with varying colors, textures, and patterns, but all are used to complete any outfit.  Keep on scrolling to see how I style one of my most unique and loved kimonos.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I do love fall fashion, but I am not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet, which is why this look leans more summer.  What can I say, I’m just trying to stretch my summer wardrobe a little bit longer before I have to start trading my bare legs for tights and sandals for boots.

The star of this look is obviously this multicolored, paisley/geometric like patterned kimono.  It’s crazy to think I purchased this eye-catching kimono from Nordstrom Rack years ago and didn’t really start wearing it until this year.  Now, I can’t stop pairing this kimono with all things denim because I believe the beautiful moss color and warm tones look great with blue jeans or in this case a denim skirt.

Another item that has been on repeat this summer has been my denim skirt from Zara.  I am obsessed with the fit and all those buttons.  Hands down, this is my favorite way to style this skirt, with just a simple cream colored tank also from Zara and then some sort of kimono.

Although, my kimono has such a bold print, there is still room for accessorizing and today I am wearing this super cool, seashell, double chained necklace from the Etsy shop, LivingEarthy. The stunning colors of the seashell matches perfectly with all the colors in the kimono.  I highly recommend checking out LivingEarthy on Etsy for a selection of naturally beautiful jewelry items.

You can easily wear this outfit with booties for the colder fall like days, but for now, I will continue to wear my medium brown strappy wedges from Old Navy.  I strongly believe that everyone should have a neutral colored wedge like these in their closet.

Of course, you can’t forget shades, so I just threw on my brown tortoise shell square sunglasses by the brand Steve Madden.  And now my outfit is complete.

Is anyone else obsessed with kimonos like I am?  Let me know what are some of your favorite kimonos and how you style them.  Talk to you all in my next post!




Sweet Summertime

In years past, especially during my college years, summer was always spent counting down the days until I returned to my college campus and be reunited with all my friends.  Now, I am wishing for the summer to slow down, so I can savor the warmer weather and longer days of daylight a little bit more.  This summer was my first summer in the “working world” and I soon discovered how quickly the summer days just pass by.  I would spend my weekdays eagerly awaiting for the weekends and when the weekend did arrive it went in a flash.  Just like I am not ready to say goodbye to the warm season just yet, my wardrobe is not ready either, which is why in today’s style post I am holding onto summer a little bit longer, one summery dress at a time.

Although, fall fashion is my favorite, I will miss the simplicity of summer fashion by just throwing on a dress and walking out the door.  This dress I am wearing today is one of those dresses and has been on repeat due to its effortless look.  I found this beautiful, off the shoulder dress at Marshalls. I love the subtle ruffles and the deep colors like burgundy, orange, and gold, which to me makes this dress a good transition piece for the upcoming fall season.

With the extremely hot and humid summer New York City has been having, there is no need for a jacket, so all I have to worry about is accessorizing.  We all know I love a good choker and especially with the low neck of this dress, I could not wait to wear my new leather wrapped choker necklace from the Etsy shop, Wraps by Renzel.  All of Gayle’s (the shop owner and designer) are super unique and trendy, making her collection of bracelets and necklaces the perfect addition to any outfit.  I love how this black leather choker wrap with the gold details can be worn in so many ways. Today, I decided to wrap it around my neck three times for that layered look.

As mentioned in my last post, I hardly wear bracelets, and I have vowed to change that by wearing the matching bracelet to my choker also from the Etsy shop Wraps by Renzel. Similar to the choker, the bracelet can be wrapped around your wrist in different ways.

Since, my dress features dark colors and my jewelry is black, I decided to lighten the color palette up slightly, with these strappy heeled sandals also from Marshalls.  Funny story about these shoes… on the day of my sister’s bridal shower, my original sandals broke so I had to quickly run to Marshalls to find another pair of shoes that matched with my outfit and I found these and ever since that I can’t stop wearing them.

I still can’t believe summer came and went this quickly.  I hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer. Let me know in the comments below what has been the highlight of your summer. Talk soon!

Dress: Marshalls (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)  | Choker: Wraps by Renzel | Bracelet: Wraps by Renzel  | Shoes: Marshalls (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)