My Everyday Makeup + Hair Routine ft. Bed Head by TIGI

Every morning, from Monday through Friday you will catch me rolling out of bed at 7:30 am (one of the perks of not needing to be in the office until 10:00), apply some makeup to cover up my sleepy eyes, get away with not washing my hair for another day with the help of dry shampoo, gather my breakfast, and I’m out of the house off to the train station to start my work day in the city.  Since I’ve been living the commuter lifestyle for the past few months, I have a few tips, tricks, and must have products I use every morning to make sure I look good, feel good, and most importantly get me to the train station on time.  So keep on reading to learn all about my go to makeup and hair routine and make sure you read all the way to the end for a special surprise!

For makeup, I stick with foolproof, easy applying makeup products.  Most of the items are long wearing which is what I need considering between the commute and work my days are 12 hours long.  Every morning I strive for a flawless face using BB cream, concealer, powder, bronzer, then perfect eyebrows with the help of a brow pencil to fill in my brows, a tinted brow gel to coat them evenly, and a bronze eye to bring out my green colored eyes with my favorite cream eyeshadow. I apply the eyeshadow effortlessly with my fingers (no brush needed).  Then a thin line of liquid liner and several coats of mascara and voilà makeup is done!

For my hair, I take my hair products very seriously, especially since I color my hair.  As such, I always look for products that protect hair color, while providing volume and all day shine and hold.  Recently, I found the perfect products to fit my hair needs.  Are you a fellow hair junkie like me?  Well look no further than Bed Head by TIGI hair products, the #1 styling brand globally.  Bed Head by TIGI has a huge range of products for all hair types.  The best part is that all products work perfectly together so why use one product when you can use several.  Trust me, they won’t weigh down your hair or make your hair look greasy.  For me, the more Bed Head by TIGI hair products I use the more my hair looks like I just came from the salon, even though I literally just rolled out of bed.

Since I can’t wash my hair every day, dry shampoo is a lifesaver, but not just any dry shampoo, a dry shampoo that doesn’t leave white powder residue but instead absorbs any excess oil and builds volume.  Meet the Bed Head by TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo.  A couple of sprays of this on my hair and you wouldn’t even know it’s a second day or even a third day hair. But like I said why use one product when you can use two?  So before I head out the door I spray on the Bed Head by TIGI Headrush Shine Spray.  The super fine mist and lightweight formula doesn’t make your hair look greasy or wet but gives you a wonderful shine.

Once hair and makeup  are done, I grab my bag and I’m out the door for a busy day in the working world.

So now it’s time to reveal the big surprise (drum roll please)…I couldn’t be more excited to announce that I am representing Bed Head by TIGI at Her Campus College Fashion Week this Saturday in New York City.  I am honored to be attending this sold out event and representing the Bed Head by TIGI brand, who describe themselves as “true owner of creative styling anarchy.”  If you are one of the lucky ones who scored tickets before the fashion show sold out, I will see you there.  But for those who will not be attending, make sure to follow me on all social media for exclusive behind the scenes footage, the fashion show itself, my experience and crazy adventures that night.

In the mean time while you are anxiously awaiting my coverage of the Her Campus College Fashion Show head to Ulta Beauty or for the best selection of Bed Head by TIGI products, so we can all achieve flawless hair no matter how much time you have. Talk to you all soon!

This post is sponsored by Bed Head by TIGI and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make LivForStyle possible!


Travel Diary: London

After being across the pond in London for 9 days I’m back to my usual 50 minute train ride commute into New York City.  Oh how much I miss my 5 minute walk from the hotel to the office back in London and oh how much I miss beautiful London.

For those who have seen my multitude of Instagram stories and Instagram posts, I recently traveled to London for business.  During my stay, I learned a lot about my company and how to continue to be the best social content manager in the New York office.  The best part about my trip is that I also had time to explore London, see amazing sites, sample some great food and drink, and hang out with awesome people.

Although most nights, I would get back to the hotel super late, I still made an effort to jot down a few notes about that days’ adventures.  A “travel diary” is the best thing to do when abroad because it helps you relive the amazing memories you made.  And what’s better than sharing these adventures with all of you. After all, this was my first real trip overseas.  Although, I did go to Bermuda when I was younger, which is technically outside of the US, but still this was my first trip to London, first time being on a plane for over 7 hours, and the first time being in a time zone that was 5 hours ahead of my family.   Anyway, keep on scrolling to see fabulous photos and to read all about my trip.

Day 1:

  • The day finally arrived, it’s time to head to the airport to start my 8 day adventure in London.
    We got to the airport early to give us plenty of time to check in and go through security.  After completing all the pre-flight tasks we still had about two hours until our flight.  So the waiting is the worst part because I was just so anxious to get on the plane.
  • Finally time to board. I can’t believe how big the plane is.  When we finally got settled in our seats, I was so exhausted because I saw Lady Gaga in concert the night before so for the next 7 hours on the plane I was just dozing on and off until we finally landed.
  • When we got to London it was the weirdest experience ever because we left at 7 pm New York time and arrived 7 am London time.  My body was all off.  I couldn’t tell if I was tired, hungry, or whatever.
  • Anyway, no time to sleep or slow down because we went right to the office.  It was great to see the London office and meet the London team.  But, I was in such a fog from the time difference that it was hard to focus or remember everyone’s name but I survived.
  • After work me and my co-worker went to a pub and sipped on a cider outside and just people watched, especially those British business men 😉
  • After one drink our tummies were growling so we went to this place called Nandos.  I never heard of it before but I guess it’s a popular chain in London.  It has so much to offer from chicken to burgers to salad.  I had this yummy salad, so my first trip to Nandos was a success.
  • At last, it was time to head back to the hotel and catch some zzz’s.


Day 2:

  • This morning, I woke up even more tired than yesterday.  The morning was rough because 9 am felt like 4 am so I was so sleepy, hopefully after a cup of coffee I will feel more awake.
  • They only had instant coffee in the office which I guess is very popular over here.  I just didn’t like the taste, but I was so desperate for caffeine I decided to try some English tea which was delicious and gave me the much needed caffeine boost.
  • For lunch some of the members of the London team took us to this outside food market in Shoreditch.  It was here, that I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for a falafel and hummus platter.
  • Although it didn’t feel like it, it was Friday and the Friday vibe in the office was very contagious. You can tell everyone was excited for the weekend.
  • The day flew by and before I knew it, it was the end of the day and I was outside with coworkers drinking cider.
  • This informal office gathering lasted until 1 am. By the time everyone went their separate ways, I could barely keep my eyes open but it was great meeting new people.

Day 3:

  • Today, I legit slept until noon like who am I?  Guess my body was so tired.
    I knew when getting to London I wanted to check out all the outdoor street markets, so after a quick brunch of avocado toast, me and my co-worker headed to all the markets.
  • We went to one market in Shoreditch and one in Notting Hill.  I was completely blown away with all the stuff each stand had to offer.  From clothes, to leather, antiques, furniture, jewelry, and food.  I wanted everything.  I was so inspired just looking at all the different things and studying London’s unique style.
  • Although, I could have bought everything in the markets I only bought a beautiful gold necklace to remind me of my wonderful time in London.
  • It’s Saturday night so of course we had to make the best of it and check out the clubs in London. After a quick dinner at Nandos again we headed to this dance club in Shoreditch.
  • Keep in mind my ankle is still healing but that didn’t stop me from dancing the night away.
    We got back to the hotel pretty late and once my head hit the pillow I was out cold.

Day 4:

  • Today, we decided to be actual tourists and do the touristy things like seeing Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the Tower Bridge, the London Bridge, and even had some time to check out the Victoria and Albert museum.
  • To my surprise, the museum even had a fashion exhibit going on that included fashion trends from the early 1800s to the present.  I was so impressed!
  • It was a day full of a lot of walking and sightseeing, but everything I saw left me in awe and made me appreciate London even more.
  • Ever since getting to London all I wanted was real fish and chips so for dinner we went to Poppies, this cute little restaurant is known for their fish and chips.  It was the best meal ever and I finished everything on my plate except for a few crumbs.  Fish and chips in London are legit.
  • It was a Sunday well spent.

Day 5:

  • Another sleepy Monday morning. It’s actually Labor Day in the US but no day off here.  Oh well!
    Work was work, busy as usual.
  • Once again for dinner I stepped out of my bubble and tried Indian food for the first time
    We strolled along Brick Lane which is a street in London known for amazing Indian food.
    For dinner I tried naan, vegetable curry, and rice.  All the unique spices left my taste buds pleased.
  • Of course, to finish off a Monday night in London we went out to a pub and spent hours just sipping on some wine and chatting, I almost forgot I had work the next day.

Day 6:

  • Since I had to be at work at 1 pm today, I took advantage of my free morning and finally went to Harrods, the ultimate shopping destination.
  • Going to Harrods has always been on my bucket list and it did not fail to impress me.  I was completely overwhelmed by the floors and floors of fashion. Everywhere I turned I saw all my favorite designers and their beautiful pieces.  I was in heaven.  I especially liked going on the evening wear floor and checking out all the beautiful dresses and pretending if I was a celebrity what dress I would choose to wear on the red carpet.
  • It wasn’t much a shopping trip considering I didn’t get anything but it was a trip that made me fall in love with fashion over and over again.
  • For the rest of the day, it was a pretty typical work day and I didn’t end work until later that evening so by the time I got back to my hotel it was bed time.

Day 7:

  • Again another day where I didn’t have to report to work until 1 pm so this morning we visited Buckingham Palace and even witnessed the changing of the guard.  Such a cool experience!
  • We even had time to stroll through St. James Park and check out all the beautiful scenery.
  • After our adventures, I headed to work in the afternoon and stayed late so nothing too exciting happened at night.

Day 8:

  • I can’t believe it’s my last full day and night in London. Where did these 8 days go?
  • Work was work and later that afternoon we went to a rooftop overlooking the whole city of London.  What was so interesting and weird was the fact that there are few skyscrapers in London.  I’m so use to going to a rooftop in New York City and seeing millions of buildings towering along the skyline.
  • It was this night I discovered that Londoners love their gin.  I had one or two gin and tonics that night and realized it’s not my favorite but it was worth the try.
  • Once the clock hit midnight, I knew it was time to head back to the hotel after all we did have work in the morning.

Day 9:

  • Our trip to London flew by. Today, we only worked until 1 pm before heading to the airport so the day went by super fast.
  • It took a long time to say goodbye to the London team and all the fabulous people we met.  I was stressing out because we were running behind schedule and had to get to Gatwick Airport, which let me tell you is one big maze so we almost missed our flight but we made it. Phew!
  • For some reason this flight seemed like it took forever.  I watched 2 episodes of Friends, 2 episodes of The Big Bang Theory, 2 movies, Beauty And The Beast and Snatched.  I was ready to get off the plane and go home.
  • I got home late, said hello to the family and the pup, didn’t even bother unpacking and as soon as I closed my eyes I was out like a light.

I always wanted to visit London, so this opportunity first came as a shock and then turned into extreme excitement. London lived up to my expectations. It was so similar to New York City that I felt so comfortable yet still felt like I was overseas with how different their lifestyle is. Ever since being back I can’t stop thinking about my trip and what I want to do if I get the chance to go again in the future. Recovering from jet lag these last few days was worth it and I’m ready to go back. Now it seems like two places will always have my heart, New York City and London and that list is still growing. Cheers!