Adventures at the Zoo

IMG_9918         Flashback to fourth grade, my 10-year-old self is bursting with excitement on the bus heading to the Bronx Zoo. The zoo was the best field trip in elementary school. Dressed in my school’s gym uniform, friends by my side, and my mom as a chaperone, it was a trip that went in the memory book.


Flash forward to now; my 20-year-old self experienced that same feeling of anticipation when my dad wanted to take me and my older sister to the Bronx Zoo. Even in our 20s, my sister and me felt like little kids going on a field trip. Throughout the 40-minute car ride, we mapped out what animals we wanted to see first and what we were looking forward to the most. Of course, I was looking forward to seeing the elephants, giraffes, and tigers.


         When we finally arrived at the zoo, it felt like yesterday I was at the Bronx Zoo, not 10 years ago. Our adventure began with lots of walking, lots of animals, and lots of fun.



         For this trip to the zoo, I was psyched to put together a zoo-like outfit. Back in fourth grade, my only option was my gray on gray gym uniform with white sneakers. However, on this trip to the zoo my love of elephant prints came into play. It was going to be a hot and humid day and I knew we would be doing a lot of walking, so I went for a comfy look. I decided to wear my elephant printed shorts, a simple flowy black tank, and a crochet short-sleeved sweater to complete the look.



         My elephant printed shorts from Marshalls have been my go-to item when I want to be comfortable, yet stylish. I love the bold print, which includes elephants and a tribal design. These shorts were practical for a long day at the zoo. To keep with the effortless, casual theme, I matched my shorts with a simple black tank, also from Marshalls. To accent the shorts and tank, I layered the tank with a kimono like sweater from Apricot Lane, which gave my look a boho vibe. For shoes, I matched my outfit with simple, black sandals. Although these sandals from Forever 21 are not the most comfortable, I survived. Since we all know that I am obsessed with elephants, I accessorized my look with my favorite elephant necklace from Etsy. Although my outfit was not the typical safari uniform, I still had fun incorporating prints of animals I was going to see at the zoo.




         The highlight of my trip was spending quality time with my dad and sister. My favorite exhibits included the tigers, giraffes, sea lions, and polar bears. I was so happy we had the chance to ride the Wild Asia Monorail, the Bronx Zoo’s famous attraction. On the monorail, we saw all sorts of animals, including exotic deer, monkeys, red pandas, rhinos, and of course elephants. I caught a glimpse of the zoo’s only elephant, named Happy. Although so big and strong, Happy was so cute. I wanted to take her home, but I don’t think she would fit in the car.



         It was great to spend a day off, doing something different than the usual hanging by the pool or going shopping. Being at the Bronx Zoo brought back old memories and of course created new ones too, like when my sister freaked out when a peacock came close to her when we were eating lunch. What a scaredy cat. After going to the Bronx Zoo, I am ready to go for a real safari ride through the jungle and desert.



Shorts: Marshalls (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Top: Marshalls (SIMILAR) | Cardigan: Apricot Lane (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)  |    Shoes: Forever 21 (SIMILAR) | Necklace: Etsy (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)


Color, Texture, and Wood


Happy July. It seems like it takes forever for summer to arrive, but when it does, it just flies by. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.

Today’s post highlights more of my summer style and how I’ve been styling some of my new purchases. Zara is my go to destination when they are having their annual sale. It’s a HUGE sale where every piece of clothing is marked down and keeps getting marked down throughout the weeks. Working in the city this summer, I feel like I’ve become a real New Yorker and I seem to do most of my shopping in the city because I think of NYC as the world’s biggest continuous shopping mall. You can find all your favorite stores in multiple locations throughout the city (uptown, downtown, and midtown). So if one store doesn’t have your size or a good selection just walk a few blocks or hop on the subway and you’re sure to find that same favorite store at another location.

Each day when I hop off the train and sprint out of Grand Central Station to my internship I pass by a Zara store. The big bright “sale” signs are calling my name and I can’t help but to wander in. Oops! Well not oops for me but oops for my wallet. On my last visit, I purchased three unique pieces. An awesome dress, top, and a fabulous skirt I am featuring in this post.


I am obsessed with the woven texture and bright colors of this skirt. The Aztec styled print makes this skirt a summer hit. This skirt is a perfect 10 and the best part is that it was a real bargain at $25. Score! This skirt deserves all the attention so I kept the rest of my outfit very simple. I paired it with a cream colored shirt from Forever 21. If you look closely the shirt has a few holes in it. I promise it’s part of the design. I think the distressed look adds something to just a boring t-shirt. For shoes, I’m wearing my favorite summer time sandals. I picked these up last year at DSW. They’re from an Italian designer but without the designer price tag. They were such a bargain and are the perfect sandal to make a statement and add a little height with the small heel.

This simple Forever 21 t-shirt needs a necklace. I’m wearing my granite stone necklace from Brandy Melville. I wear this necklace when I want to bring out more color. I love how the earthy purple tones perfectly match the bright shades in my skirt.

What? I’m wearing something on my wrist? Shocker, I know. When it comes to jewelry I usually keep it very simple with just a necklace and earrings unless I find a bracelet or in this case a watch that I really, really like.

This trendy watch is from the Jord line. Jord watches are unique because they are hand crafted from natural wood. The color and grain patterns may vary, making each one an individual piece. No watch is quite the same. I love how the main feature of the watch is the wood, making it a sustainable and of course fashionable statement. The watch I am sporting today is from the Ely series. I love the smaller dial and band with date display, as well as the natural green and maple color. Something about this color looks great against my sun-kissed skin and can be worn everyday, with any outfit, either dressy or casual.


I usually rely on my smart phone to tell the time but this watch is functional as well as a sporty touch of arm candy. A smart time piece to help keep on schedule is important for any busy girls life. Let me know what you think about Jord Watches? Will you be adding one of their trendy pieces to your watch collection?


I almost forgot to tell you. JORD watches is so generous and is offering three lucky readers a chance to win a $75, $50, and $25 coupon for JORD watches. It’s super simple to enter, just leave a comment on this post and three winners will be randomly selected. Additional information, as well as the way to enter can be founded below. Hurry this amazing opportunity ends August 7th.

Skirt: Zara (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Top: Forever 21 (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) |                                            Shoes: DSW (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)  |  Necklace: Brandy Melville (SIMILAR) | Watch: JORD (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)