Belly Buttons Are So Overrated

Enough is enough, from thigh gaps, to bikini bridges and now the belly button challenge. The belly button challenge is a new body trend flooding social media. I am not talking about a stylish, fashion trend that everyone should follow. Instead the belly button challenge proves that society sucks. It’s believed that this trend started in China. No matter where it started it has made an unwanted appearance on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. The idea of this challenge is suppose to indicate if you need to lose weight. If your right arm is able to reach the left side… View Post

Lazy Days of (Almost) Summer

Technically summer has not officially begun. The official start to summer is June 21st; however to me summer began the minute I handed in my last final exam. So far my summer has kicked off to a busy start. I’m currently balancing three jobs, an internship in the city, a sales associate at a retail store, and hopefully one of your favorite bloggers. With all the running around and trying to keep up with my schedule, I have barely had time to breathe which is why most of my recent blog posts have been written on the train. I like… View Post

Kimono Loving

Walking into your favorite clothing store, I am certain you will find an extensive selection of kimonos. Kimonos long, short, patterned, colorful and some maybe with fringe or tassels, so it’s safe to say you will find a kimono that will suit your personal style. I like to call kimonos the summer sweater. They aren’t as heavy as a sweater so you can wear them in the summer heat without dying of heatstroke. They’re just a light piece of fabric that perfectly drapes your body to complete any outfit. My favorite way to wear a kimono is with a simple… View Post