College Decor Inspiration Board ft. Graham & Brown


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My sophomore year of college ended three weeks ago and I’m home for the summer. Even though the semester just ended, I’m looking forward to getting back to school in the fall for the start of my junior year. Don’t get me wrong, I have an exciting summer ahead with a lot of great things lined up, but I miss the fun of being away at school and of course my friends. I am looking forward to my third year in college. I’ve enrolled in some interesting classes for the first semester and I can’t wait to share an on-campus townhouse with three of my best friends.

Since February, we knew we would spend our junior year living together in a townhouse. Townhouse living is such an upgrade from the traditional dorm set up of the past two years. We will have a full kitchen, two bathrooms, a common area, and a dining room. The best part is that all four of us will be living under the same roof. I can’t wait to come home to my friends after a long day of classes, have some fun, laugh our heads off, and just be all around silly together.

Once we knew we had the townhouse we started to jot down some decorating ideas and color schemes for the common area. The four of us are huge fans of quotes so we plan to fill our walls with canvases and posters that include inspirational quotes to help us get through the challenges of junior year. We also want to decorate our walls with pictures of us from the semester to keep our memories alive and relive our crazy adventures.

Many of you might be thinking, Liv, why are you already starting to plan your townhouse months before you move in? I’m happy to announce that I am now a brand ambassador for the interior design company, Graham & Brown. This couldn’t come at a better time. With Graham & Brown’s help our townhouse will be awesome. This also gives me an exciting opportunity to showcase my love of interior design on my blog. In fact, one of my guilty pleasures is watching HGTV all night.

I’ve been browsing the Graham & Brown site and I’m amazed at the extent of their wall décor and other home accessories. I’ve created an inspiration board of all the items that would be perfect for our townhouse. My roommates and I have decided to fill our walls with lots of bright and mood inspiring color and quotes.

Graham & Brown offers a huge selection of wall décor featuring motivating quotes. I chose two canvases with a chalkboard background with pops of vibrant colors and of course an inspirational saying. I think our walls need even more color so I chose two more canvases featuring a beautiful, colorful floral print. I mean whose mood isn’t instantly boosted after looking at these prints?

Lastly, since all four of us have been friends since freshman year, we have been through a lot together. I decided the collage photo frame would be perfect for us to add our own individual trinkets and photos to celebrate our friendship.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 9.35.56 PM

After sending the pictures of the wall décor, the roommates approved. I love creating these inspiration boards because it helps with my creativity. If you’re looking to get creative and inspired then check out the Graham & Brown website for all your decorating needs. Let me know about some of your favorite items. If you love interior design, like me, it is fun to design your dream home.

11159496_10204076257051504_895291468514833495_n(Meet my roommates (from left to right)- Christina, Me, Jennie, & Annie)


Trend Alert: Bright Colored Hair

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Coloring your hair is all the rage now. Bright colored hair is not just for punk rockers or circus clowns; instead women of all ages are experimenting with new color dyes for their hair. The bright colored hair trend is especially popular among celebrities, like Kylie Jenner, Hilary Duff, Katy Perry, and Nicole Richie. Celebs are embracing beautiful shades of pink, blue, and purple. These beautiful hues are soft and fun and can make anyone look like a mythical unicorn or a mermaid. Who wouldn’t want to look like a mermaid, especially for the summer months?

Color looks great with every skin tone and hair type. Anyone can pull off bright colored hair. The trend is all about being confident and not afraid to flaunt some color.

After reading more about this trend, I noticed that blondes tend to rock more pink and lilac shades, where as brunettes favor blue and turquoise. If you’re ready to say yes to color, I recommend starting off modestly and dying a few strands of hair. The peekaboo streak of color is perfect for those who want to be trendy but have the option to hide the color for those days you aren’t feeling so colorful. A hair dresser can dye a piece of your hair that is easy to style or hide. Dip dyes are also super popular and involve dying the tips of your hair. The best part about dip dyes is that they can be easily removed with a simple trim. Finally, for those who don’t want to risk the health and beauty of their natural hair, try extensions. Extensions are the perfect way to test out color and achieve that mythic look. Don’t forget, to preserve your color by using a color-friendly shampoo that is sulfate free. This will prevent fading and longer lasting vibrant colors.

The real question is how do I feel about this trend? Am I ready to embrace a full head of color? To be honest I don’t think I’m up to sporting the full head of color look anytime soon, but I am open to dying a few strands to sample the look. Although I have only seen this trend on longer hairstyles, I’m tempted to give it a try with my pixie cut.

If I do throw care to the wind, I’ll probably go with a few strands of blue or turquoise. My biggest concern with this look would be how to coordinate this with outfits and accessories, not to mention worrying about how others feel about the look. But, then again with all the celebs embracing the trend maybe there’s a little room for adventure. It’s important to remember that fashion and beauty, whether it’s your clothes, makeup, or hair, is all about expressing yourself and taking risks

I may not be ready to take the step yet, but after writing this post and seeing so many interesting photos, I’m feeling pretty inspired. Who knows but maybe in my next post I’ll be sporting a few colorful streaks in my pixie cut.

How do you feel about this trend? Will you hop on the bandwagon or are you worried what other people might think? Join the discussion below and send me your comments. I’d love to know what you think!


My 20th Birthday


Last week was a crazy week to say the least. I finished my sophomore year of college, packed up my college dorm room, moved back home for the summer, and left my teenage years behind. I celebrated my 20th birthday on Sunday, May 10th. Sunday was a day of celebration because it was not only my birthday but it was also Mother’s Day. Shout out to my beautiful, amazing, and inspiring mom. I was so happy to share my special day with my mom.



         I can’t believe I’m no longer a teenager. It’s so weird to be in my 20’s now. It feels like just yesterday I was the little girl with the “mushroom” hair cut. Now it is time to embrace adulthood.


         Since my birthday fell on a Sunday, I had a weekend full of celebration surrounded by my family and friends. On Saturday, my older sister, her boyfriend, and my two best friends from college, Jennie and Christina (thank gosh they live close to me, so we can see each other a lot during the summer) took me to my favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner and then we went bowling. The bowling alley was so much fun and the atmosphere was great. It was a night filled with fun, laughs, strikes, spares, and many gutter balls.


         On Sunday, my family celebrated the moms and my birthday by hosting a barbeque. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. The sun was shining all day and the temperature was in the 80’s. I spent most of the day outside on the patio catching up with the family and playing with my little buddy Griffin. Griffin, our West Highland Terrier, is a fluff ball of energy and has a special place in our family. Of course, he wanted to be part of the photos, so he makes an appearance in some of the pictures. He is such a superstar!



Of course, I wanted to show you my “birthday” style. My outfit was quite simple. My outfit was casual and comfy and just perfect for an outside party. Shift dresses are so in this season and they are a must-have for spring and summer. These dresses are so easy to style around, which makes them perfect for those hot summer days. My t-shirt fabric shift dress is from Target. It’s a basic black dress, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to styling this dress.



Instead of a statement necklace, I chose to wear a patterned scarf from Lucky Brand. I love the rich colors of this scarf and they really pop against the black dress. I didn’t wrap the scarf around my neck but instead chose to knot it on both ends to make it shorter. This really shows off the tassel detailing at the bottom.



One of the fun things of unpacking and reorganizing my room at home was finding some hidden treasures. I completely forgot about these strappy ballet flats, I purchased from Marshall’s last season. They are going to be my staple shoes to wear with dresses, jeans, skirts, and pretty much anything this season. I also rediscovered this Vince Camuto watch in my jewelry collection back home. The neutral color of the watchband will be the perfect accessory for any outfit.



         Everyone has been asking me how it feels to be 20? Honestly, it feels no different. I am so thankful I was able to spend my birthday with family and friends. I’m also thankful for the nice birthday gifts I received, especially the gift cards to some of my favorite stores. Now it’s time to get out and shop. Stay tuned for new blog posts featuring my latest style finds. And of course, cheers to my new decade and the fabulous 20s.


Dress: Target (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Scarf: Lucky Brand (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Shoes: Marshall’s (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Watch: Vince Camuto (SIMILAR) | Earrings: Francesca (SIMILAR)


The Makeup Show- NYC

IMG_8655On Sunday, May 3rd, I was able to take a much-needed break from studying for finals and took a trip to New York City. Most of my adventures to NYC are special, but this trip was extra special because I was attending my first ever The Makeup Show with my best friend, Christina, by my side.


IMG_8556Coffee in hand, we both boarded the train at 9 A.M. and arrived in the city an hour later. The entire train ride, it felt like I had ants in my pants, or in my case my romper. I was so excited not knowing what to expect. Although this was my first time attending The Makeup Show, this was not my first makeup trade show. Many of my readers know that I have been to IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) three times, so one thing I knew I could count on would be cosmetics galore and meeting countless cosmetic lovers at The Makeup Show.



We really lucked out with the weather on Sunday. It was a beautiful, sunny day with temperatures in the mid 70s. I took advantage of the warm weather by wearing a romper, wedges, and sunglasses. Rompers are my must-have for the spring and summer seasons. I decided to wear my new floral romper from Target. I love the black lace detailing on top coupled with the bright colored floral pattern on the bottom. I knew my romper needed some extra pizazz, so naturally I chose a statement necklace.IMG_8614IMG_8603
This necklace from Apricot Lane was the perfect size because it didn’t take away from the romper. Plus, the necklace was shiny and reflected the colors in my romper.

IMG_8611For shoes, I broke out my favorite Steve Madden wedges. I totally chose style over comfort  as the blisters on my feet attest to, but it was worth it because they completed my look beautifully. Lastly, I couldn’t forget a pair of sunglasses to cope with the glare of the New York sidewalks. These black cat-eye shaped glasses from Forever 21 make a great addition to any outfit.IMG_8618IMG_8612IMG_8605



Christina and I spent all morning and afternoon at The Makeup Show.We explored the venue and visited the different makeup tables. We made multiple visits to some of our favoritesThose that garnered a second or third look included Kat Von D, Lit Cosmetics, Nars, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I picked up a few necessities like my favorite Kat Von D liquid eyeliner and a beautiful Nars eye shadow duo. I stepped out of my comfort zone and experimented with beautiful glitter eye shadows from Lit Cosmetics and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I can’t wait to put together beautiful summer looks with my new products, so stay tuned for upcoming posts.

IMG_8577IMG_8514It was wonderful to see Christina experience her first ever makeup trade show. I was so happy to share her excitement over the new makeup brands she discovered, especially the new Mac eye shadow she picked up. I am so glad Christina is part of the LivForStyle team. We’ve incorporated her love for photography with some great shots in this blog post. Christina is not only my college roommate and best friend, but she is a big supporter and valuable contributor to the LivforStyle website.IMG_8541IMG_8532

The Makeup Show lived up to my expectations and more. It was a great day filled with makeup, networking, and friendship. Special days like these are what continue to inspire and motivate me to make the LivForStyle site your go-to site for everything fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


Christina and I laughed and smiled on the train all the way back to school. We didn’t want to have to get back to the “reality” of studying for finals and wished the day in NYC could last forever. It was nice to feellike a “press rep” for the day with my best friend by my side.

IMG_8657Come back Friday for a special post. Christina will be my guest blogger, telling you all about her experience at The Makeup Show.

Romper: Target (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)  | Shoes: Steve Madden (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Necklace: Apricot Lane (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Sunglasses: Forever 21 (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)


Class Wear


Where did the time go? It’s hard to believe that I finished my last week of classes of my sophomore year of college. It’s been a good semester, filled with lots of fun and of course hard-work. I want to capture one last stylish outfit for what to wear to class before finals begin this week because then I will be living in leggings and t-shirts.

For the most part, I like to look nice for my classes. Although, I am up early for my classes, I still get excited going through my closet and putting together outfits for the day. When I feel stylish, I feel more confident, and more motivated to take on my busy day. On sunny days with temps in the mid 60s, I enjoy wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a short-sleeved shirt, and of course my Converse sneakers. An outfit like this is casual and comfortable for class but not as basic as your typical sweatpants look.


I’m a huge fan of Madewell denim, so naturally I have been enjoying these new jeans from their spring collection. I can’t get enough of their skinny jeans they call the painter editors because of their artfully distressed design. A cool feature of these jeans is that the paint and smudge detailing is different on every pair. These unique jeans will have you looking and feeling great.


I don’t want to draw attention away from the beautiful paint splatter detailing, so I chose to wear a basic, grey short-sleeved shirt from Apricot Lane. I love the fit of the shirt because its nice flow and perfect length.


Of course, I decided to wear my black Converse sneakers. These sneakers have been through it all. Longs days of walking around campus, going to classes, strolling the streets of NYC, and even concerts. I’m surprised they haven’t fallen apart. Although, they are still in great condition, a new pair is on my wish-list. Black Converse are so versatile and they give any outfit a sporty, casual vibe.


In my opinion, the best way to make any outfit less boring is to add a silver statement necklace. My fringe inspired necklace from Forever 21 goes with any shirt and you’ll find the fringe trend is so popular for spring.


Obviously, before I walk out the door for a busy day of classes, I need a bag to carry my books and laptop. My Steve Madden book bag has been with me for the whole school year. It has two pockets, a large one for holding my books and a smaller pocket for other essentials like pens, pencils, hand sanitizer, and of course chewing gum.


Last but certainly not least, I have a delicious French vanilla coffee in hand and I am ready to conquer the day.


It’s been a great semester and now it is time for the real stress to begin. FINALS! Here’s to cup after cup of coffee, a few all-nighters, and a mind and body totally ready for the summer break.


Shirt: Apricot Lane (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Jeans: Madewell (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Shoes: Converse  | Necklace: Forever 21 (SIMILAR) | Earrings: Francesca (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Book Bag: Steve Madden (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)