Snow Day Thoughts: Future Travel Plans

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…NOT! I am not a big fan of the snow, making winter one of my least favorite seasons. This snowstorm has brought lots of snow, high winds, and inconvenience. I’m currently trapped in my dorm building. I am going stir crazy. Times like this I wish I had a transporter to magically transport me to wherever I would like to go. This whole snowstorm has me pondering the places I want to visit in the future. In no particular order, here’s my bucket list with the places I want to visit and I mean very, very soon.

  1. California- I would love to hop on a plane and travel from the East coast to the West coast. I have always wanted to visit Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Laguna Beach and other California cities where there is lots of sunshine and beaches. After following tons of YouTubers and bloggers who live in California, it looks like a beautiful place to visit.
  2. Morocco– Morocco is new to my bucket list of places to travel to. I am attracted to Morocco because to me it is an exotic and mysterious place. I would love to ride a camel, visit the beaches, and even journey through the desert.
  3. London- The weather might always be rainy and cloudy but that doesn’t stop me for wanting to visit London. I am attracted to London because it seems so similar to New York City, and we all know how much I love New York City. I would love to climb aboard the London Eye and take in the view of the beautiful London skyline. Of course, I would have to visit the Westfield Stratford City, which has over 250 shops, for a major shopping spree.
  4. Paris, France- I need to visit Paris, which is one of the fashion capitals of the world. I want to explore the streets of Paris to check out all their vintage boutiques and their extravagant stores. While I am walking the streets of Paris, I would make sure to take a picture by the Eiffel tower.
  5. Japan- I have no idea why but ever since I was a little girl I have always had this strong desire to go to Japan. I guess I am so interested to visit Japan because the culture is so different. It would be awesome to be emerged in a different culture where the food, the language, and the fashion is extremely different than what I am use to. 

Those are a few places I would love to visit, but the possibilities are endless because I would love to travel around the world. A girl can dream, right? Right now, it looks like I am stuck on the East coast, in my dorm building, snowed in. Let me know what are some of the places you would love to visit.


(Currently, this is my view outside my window)


Liv’s Style: Motorcycle Chic


Immediately, when I got into the car to drive to my favorite park to capture photos, my mom looked at my outfit and said I look like I was ready to get on a motorcycle, hence the name motorcycle chic. I agreed with her because my outfit was quite dark and edgy. The leather jacket and tied up combat boots, gave my look a motorcycle vibe.

The leather jacket, dark gray high-waisted skinny jeans, and black combat boots weren’t just the star of the look. What really tied together the look and added some color to my outfit was my shirt, or should I say cropped sweatshirt. I am in love with the fit, color, and details of the cropped sweatshirt. In my opinion, it is perfectly cropped. Long enough to cover my stomach, but short enough to wear with high-waisted jeans or a skirt.

The cropped sweatshirt is from the online boutique, On their site you will find some stylish and high-quality pieces for reasonable prices. I have great news for all my readers who are interested in shopping at On my YouTube channel, I uploaded a giveaway video where one lucky winner can win a gift certificate. In the video, I also included an exclusive coupon code for all my viewers. Now all you have to do is go check out my YouTube channel, watch the video, and enter. It’s that easy!

This outfit was totally out of my comfort zone, which is why I like it so much. Fashion is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself. So whenever you feel like you’re in a fashion rut and sticking to the same type of style, throw on a leather jacket and your style is instantly transformed.






Top: Fevrie (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Jeans: Dittos Jeans (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Jacket: Forever 21 (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Shoes: Steve Madden (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR) | Earrings: Kohl’s (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR)


Current Beauty Obsessions

No shock here that I have some beauty products that I have been obsessing over. These last couple of weeks, I have been using the new palettes that I got for Christmas. I also feel like many drugstore brands have released new items, so whenever I go to the drugstore I am drawn to the new displays. I love getting new makeup because whenever I use new makeup I feel like a new person. Keep on reading to see the products that I can’t get enough of.


 (Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal Camouflage ConcealerMaybelline Color ElixirTartelette Amazonian Clay Matte PaletteUrban Decay Vice 3 Palette)

Once again, Santa listened to me this year. The Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette was one of the makeup items on my Christmas wish list. To my surprise, one of the gifts I opened on Christmas morning was the beautiful Urban Decay palette. Urban Decay never fails to impress me. Ever since receiving this palette, it has played a major role in my daily makeup routine. This palette has a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, sparkle, and metallic. I really like how this palette offers the perfect balance of neutral shades and jewel toned colors. I have been experimenting with all the gorgeous shades in this palette. I love doing more of a neutral color on the lid, like the color Truth, and adding a pop of color to my crease and outer corner, like the color Alchemy.


I must have been a very good girl because Santa left another palette under the tree, the Tartelete Amazonian Clay Matte Palette. Who doesn’t love matte eye shadows? Matte eye shadows are great for a neutral look. I love using these matte eye shadows for a simple look and then doing more of dramatic eyeliner, like winged eyeliner or colorful eyeliner on the bottom lash line. So far my favorite colors in this palette include, Free Spirit, Super Mom, Wanderer, and Dreamer, but as you can see this palette offers a variety of colors for different looks, so the possibilities are endless.


For those sleepless nights, concealer is a must to cover those dark circles under your eyes and any imperfections. Like I said, so many drugstore brands have released tons of new products. Maybelline has revealed a new line of concealers, foundations, and primers. I am in love with the new Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal Camouflage concealer. It really does camouflage any imperfections and brighten up your under eye area. Another plus is that the texture is creamy so it makes it easy to blend. I trust that the full coverage of this concealer will last all day and conceal any of those flaws.

IMG_7671 copy

Everyone needs a red lipstick in their makeup collection. Red lipstick is the perfect shade to wear if you want to make a statement. I have been wearing a lot of red lip shades during the holiday season and the winter season to add some color to my look. If you are still looking for a perfect red lipstick, I highly recommend the Maybelline Color Elixir in the shade Signature Scarlet. I am a huge fan of the Color Elixirs because they look and feel like a melted lipstick. The formula is smooth and hydrating, so it won’t dry out your lips. The color is very pigmented, so you don’t have to worry about touching up your lips every hour. The color, Signature Scarlet, is a true red, not to light, not to dark. Since the winter months can be drab, it is a perfect time to experiment with a bright, bold lip.

IMG_7671 copylips

I promise to do more current beauty obsession posts because I am always trying new makeup and discovering new must-haves. Let me know what products you have been obsessing over lately.


The Best and Worst Dressed At The Golden Globes 2015

Happy awards season everyone! Tis’ the season for watching the Golden Globes, Grammy’s, and Academy Awards, just to name a few.

Last night I glued myself to the television to watch the Golden Globes, especially all the action on the red carpet. To be honest, I hardly knew any of the television shows or movies that were nominated; instead I was more interested in the fashion.

The most popular trend I saw last night was lots and lots of sparkle. Most dresses were neutral toned, including white, cream, and black, and then embellished with tons of sparkle and sequins.

While watching the Golden Globes, I was studying the celebs’ dresses and designers, so with that being said I have chosen my best and worst dressed of the Golden Globes.

Best Dressed

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Dakota Johnson- Dakota Johnson wore a beautiful silver, sparkly dress from Chanel’s fall 2014 couture line. Her metallic gown shined on the red carpet. I think the silver dress included the perfect balance of sparkle and fringe, as well as a slit that showed the right amount of leg.

Emma Stone- Who says you have to wear a dress to an award show? Emma Stone broke that rule by wearing a jumpsuit designed by Lanvin. Her top is covered in sequins and her pants are simple; however, in the back there is a big bow. The big bow is an unexpected detail. Her look was simple, but edgy. I give Emma Stone kudos for being different.

Siena Miller- This dress was anything but boring, especially with that plunging neckline. In my opinion, Siena Miller’s beaded Miu Miu gown was fresh and original. The jeweled detailing added an elegant touch.

Reese Witherspoon- Reese shimmered in a strapless, sparkly Calvin Klein gown. Her gown was glamorous, perfect for the fabulous evening. If I was invited to the Golden Globes, I would wear a dress similar to Reese Witherspoon.

Lorde- Lorde’s Narcisco Rodriquez suit and Neil Lane choker is the perfect way to make a bold statement at any awards show. Her midriff top added a feminine look to her menswear suit. Lorde impressed me with her daring choice to wear a suit. I believe that fashion is all about taking risks and Lorde certainly took a risk with her suit.

Worst Dressed

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Keira Knightly- She should have stopped at the butterflies. There was no need to add the lace collar or lace trim. Her Chanel dress included a butterfly design and lace detailing. Without the lace, she would have been on the decently dressed list rather than the worst dressed list.

Kerry Washington- I have never been a big fan of the color-blocking trend, especially when pairing two opposite colors together. Her dress, designed by British designer Mary Karantzou, featured metallic colors, which in my opinion clashed.

Tina Fey- Tina Fey was a great co-host, but her dress was a miss. Her dress, designed by Antonio Berardi, did not flatter her body. I feel the puffy bottom made her look like a marshmallow, not a celebrity.

Lana Del Ray– Is that Little Mermaid on the red carpet? Her Travilla dress made her a look like a mermaid, and not in a good way. I believe the pleats and aqua color did not suit the red carpet.


That’s a wrap. Again, the Golden Globes never failed to impress. The next big award show is the Grammy’s, which airs on Sunday, February 8th. You better believe that I will be ranking the best and worst dressed for the Grammy’s. The celebrities better bring their A-game.


Celebrate a new year. Celebrate a new adventure.


When I was a little girl, I would wake up, head to the family room, and tell my mom, dad, and older sister, “it’s time to get busy.” I would occupy the majority of my time digging through my big bin of markers and crayons, coloring in my coloring books or even using my favorite set of fashion stencils to sketch some outfits.

Now, almost 20 years old, nothing has changed. Now instead of getting busy with coloring books, I spend most of my time watching countless YouTube videos, reading fashion and beauty blogs, pinning my favorite things on Pinterest, and documenting my daily life on various social media sites.

My love of YouTube inspired me to launch my very own beauty and fashion channel. In two years, my channel has grown, not only with viewers but also with opportunities. YouTube has been my creative outlet and I wouldn’t change it for anything, but like I said I like to keep busy so with a new year comes a new adventure.

I am excited to announce the launch of my new site, On my website you will find posts about fashion industry news, outfit inspiration, current beauty obsessions, lifestyle posts, and much much more! Why wait until I upload a video on YouTube? Subscribe to my newsletter for this site so you know when I post a new article.

I believe my new website will offer me new and exciting opportunities. I get the chance to communicate with my readers through written posts and document my adventures through pictures.

Switching from YouTube to blogging is a major change. It’s a learning experience, but I am determined to stay consistent with my posts and provide my readers with informative and entertaining topics.

So come on this journey with me? You won’t regret it!